Postmedia’s Stephen Maher smears entire Conservative gov’t as racists over murdered FN women

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In what is the most vilest, shameful column I have ever read in any Postmedia newspaper is this disgusting column by Stephen Maher titled “Things would be different if we were talking about 1186 murdered or missing white women”:

The government does not appear to like discussing missing and murdered aboriginal women, likely because doing anything about it would cost money, and there are no votes in it for them….

…I don’t believe he [Harper] would talk like that that if we were talking about 1,026 dead white women, and I don’t think the government is taking action proportionate to the problem. (see here)

Now, think about how Maher is the same reporter who also wrote 1,000 robocall stories.


No bias or agenda there right?


10 Responses to “Postmedia’s Stephen Maher smears entire Conservative gov’t as racists over murdered FN women”

  1. Liz J Says:

    What did the Liberal governments do about issues concerning FN problems and issues when they were in power? Why is it the Conservatives are supposed to fix all these complicated problems which no other government has addressed beyond promises? IMO the Conservatives are doing all they can do, we have a legal system, all are supposedly equal but the Charter allows Supreme Court judges to make interpretations that make some more equal than others. The Conservatives didn’t invent the Supreme court but Trudeau gave us the mess called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Maher has no credibility, this smear is an example of it, pull the race card when you have no case.

  2. Martin Says:

    These latest musing by Mayer only confirm the blatant anti CPC base of the Ottawa Citizen. The paper has quietly moved on from the robocall saga, now that EC itself has dismissed claims of widespread scandal.
    Worse. the paper edition has initiated a front page heading just above the title stating:
    “Winner Of The Michener Award”

    No other information such as the stories have been repudiated and some have called for the return of the award.

    • Liz J Says:

      Those responsible for giving the Michener Award for what has turned out to be nothing but fictional gotcha politics played by media hacks might want to consider what this does to the value of the award.

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    In 2005 the then Liberal Govt. gave 5 million over 5 YEARS to develop a database..pfttt.The Conservatives spent more money then the Liberals ever did…

    The Conservatives renewed funding to combat violence against aboriginal women and girls in their recent budget.

    Minister of Justice and Attorney General Peter MacKay said Wednesday afternoon that Saunders’ death was shocking and sad, but that the Conservatives have been acting on issues “that pertain specifically to violence against women.”

    “This government has enacted over 30 pieces of legislation with justice and public safety. We have brought forward more tools for police…more programs designed specifically to help vulnerable women get out of violent situations,” he said when asked about the possibility of a public inquiry during Question Period. “We have enabled aboriginal women to have matrimonial property.”

    Conservatives are getting at the root of things not TALKING!!! Maher has no credibility on issues, especially after all his phoney bogus robocalls pixy dust stories.What a small man Harper hater.

  4. gabbyinqc Says:

    What would be needed to counter ridiculous statements like Maher’s is some statistical data, such as “Victims and persons accused of homicide, by age group and sex, Canada, 1974 to 2010” — statistical data unfortunately not accessible to the average internet user, access “limited to [university] faculty, staff and students for administrative, teaching and research uses only”. Perhaps examining that kind of data might disabuse Maher of his sophism about “1,026 dead white women”. There may be many more women victims of homicide than the number he cited, which BTW covers a 30-year period.

    Would it be appropriate to use the same kind of sophistry (“fallacious method of reasoning”) he uses? For example, this chart:

    See where the highest homicide rate is? In Stephen Maher’s stomping grounds, Ottawa-Gatineau. So I suppose one should conclude, using his kind of reasoning, that homicide rates are highest where the Parliamentary Press Gallery resides. Aha!

    • Guffman Says:

      Good work with the chart and using ‘Maher’ reasoning to explain those numbers… if you just added some kind of Harper hating rant, you could be a Media Party journalist!

  5. paulsstuff Says:

    Allow me to show just how trumped up and bogus this is. The 1186 murdered and missing woman is from 1980-2012. That number is 16% of the total number of missing or murdered women in that time frame. So for that time frame there were roughly 7400 murdered or missing woman of all ethnicities. Pretty serious stuff no doubt.

    But what’s this story about? The opposition and media are worried because aboriginal woman make up 4% of the female population but 16% of those murdered or missing. So ya, let’s have an inquiry. I’d dare to wager that they would be up in arms if it was pointed out both drug and alcohol abuse or the fact aboriginals live in poverty while the leaders blow the billions given annually on Escalades, fishing trips, and big-screen televisions may be a key reason. No that can’t be it. It’s gotta be because Styephen Harper cancelled the never signed Kelowna Accord.

  6. Sandy S. Says:

    Time to get your fingers walking and rebutt this vile reporting on the various papers that run the column.

  7. Stan Says:

    If it was such a huge problem, why did Maher devote all his energy to writing about a fake scandal instead of writing about these missing women?
    I guess he found writing about fake scandals more lucrative and financially rewarding than writing about the missing aboriginal women.
    Perhaps now Avaaz is promising another financial prize for him if he pretends to care about the missing women and bashs Harper with this stick now?

  8. Roy Elsworth Says:

    ahhh excuse me but isn’t this an issue the News media should have been on along time ago and not on the robocalls and why is it racist when Conservaives are in power. isn’t racist that the media such as CBC,CTV,Global didn’t report this all along. this is so stupid.

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