CBC’s Barton takes Elections Canada CEO Mayrand as date to Press Gallery Dinner

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The one event which I truly despise because it represents everything wrong with the relationships between the media and politicians they cover, is the annual Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner.

The original concept could be explained as the Ottawa media holding out an olive branch to the people they hound daily in an effort to call a truce for one night a year but with the advent of cell phones and social media, has turned into a bizarre and gross spectacle (see here).

For good reason this used to be an event kept from the public’s eye yet now the politicians, bureaucrats and media who attend think nothing of blasting their drunken selfies across the internet.

I mean, what could possibly be construed as unethical in the minds of voters with the CEO of Elections Canada being the date of a CBC reporter?




18 Responses to “CBC’s Barton takes Elections Canada CEO Mayrand as date to Press Gallery Dinner”

  1. hellorastas@yahoo.com Says:

    Rosemary is ever so safe, she´s already certain that Mayrand is just a eunich.

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    Looks like the Liberal party conference, with Mulcair as a hanger on.

  3. jmw Says:

    I’m surprised Rosie Barton was invited. She hasn’t been a credible journalist for years.

  4. Beachdude Says:

    Unbelievable….I just wonder who paid for this party?

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    And there’s Stephen Maher, pie eyed , singing as bad as he reports. Imagine this, Biased Harper basher Rob Fife won the Charles Lynch journalism award ..and standing beside him out of cobwebs is the other biased Harper basher Old Don Newman. Of course CBC Hannah Thibedeau tweets Trudeau gave a speech…he can’t show up for QP but he can make it to a dinner.
    Yup..CBC Rosemary and biased Harper basher Marc Maynard the so called neutral CEO of EC ..and then the opposition talk about the perception of things in the Fair Elections Act…..what a joke. No wonder the NDP/LIBS are pushing for unlimited advertising powers for the guy so he can promote Libs/NDP and Guelph college students so they can set up another illegal bogus polling booth.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Cozy connections,CBC and Elections Canada, a fine duo. Wonder what was the main topic of conversation under the spell of in vino veritas?

    As for Maher and his sidekick McGregor, they’re drunk with glee at the fact they get awarded for not bothering to research facts before proceeding with a story. The Michener award means nothing when it can be given to journalists who play partisan political games, that the robocall story turned out to be false is a disgrace in itself, giving the award compounds it.

  7. Steven Says:


  8. Maryls Says:

    It’s awkward and inappropriate. In my view it is really worse than the paid speeches issue which I did not think should be an issue at all since those are more of a business relationship and a one-off. CBC needs to get its priorities right. This looks very bad and Barton hopefully will not be commenting or interviewing guests about the Fair Elections Act.

    • Martin Says:

      Good luck with that; CBC sees nothing whatever wrong with these relationships, so She will continue commenting as usual.

      PM Harper continues to be criticized for not attending these dinners, but I seem to recall Pierre Trudeau doing the same thing at one point. Funny with him, the more contempt she displayed for journalists, the more they bent over for him.
      Not the case with Stephen Harper, the PPG has a permanent dislike for him.

      • Liz J Says:

        It’s a party thing with the Parliamentary Peanut Press Gallery and the CBC, they fear for their entitlements and their jobs with Conservatives in power. They’ve become accustomed to Liberal largesse, all part of the reason they left Trudeau alone. They’re starting to look more and more pathetic, losing what’s left of their credibility by resorting to pretty childish behaviour, tossing investigative journalism resulting in stuff like the robocall big lie being awarded a prize for journalism….how much lower can they go and not be called to account?

  9. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Even worse is the American correspondence dinner with Obama making lame jokes and no hesitation at all before the lemming journalists laugh on cue. And every year exerpts of his jokes are on the radio with no comment as in what a great guy he is.

  10. jon Says:

    Truly disturbing in that Barton also reports on EC’s battle with the CPoC over the Fair Elections Act. Conflict of interest, Rosie? It’s no different than a judge deciding to take either the lead prosecution or defense attorney out to a dinner to honour those in the legal community, accompanying on a DATE (!) one of the two parties in a trial she’s currently preceding over. Oh yeah, no bad optics there. And that analogy suffices in that EC and the CPoC are two parties warring with each other over the FEA while Barton, a taxpayer-funded employee, just like a judge, is not supposed to be even seen to be taking sides let alone actually taking sides, which is what she clearly does when you listen to her “reports”. To paraphrase an expression for the purpose here: “Not only must impartial reporting be done; it must also be SEEN to be done.” Again, this is especially true for a political reporter who works for the taxpayer.

  11. jon Says:

    Taxpayer-funded employees…

    Police officer

    I sing, “One of these things is not like the others…”

    …Can you spot which? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the one that’s completely useless.

    • Clary Says:

      Where I live both the municipality and the province would fit that bill for police, teacher and likely firefighter as well. Especially police. Overpaid and wholly under worked. And ignorant as well. At least here in Quebec.

  12. Liz J Says:

    The fact that Barton so boldly, so blatantly told the twitterverse who her date was shows either she’s stunned stupid or thinks we are. There can be a conflict of interest there but that wouldn’t be noted by the CBC. Ain’t love grand!

  13. Fay Says:

    Rosie is telling all Canadians what we already know about CBC. It is pro Liberal and blatantly anti Conservative!

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