Voter fraud in Trudeau’s college buddy’s Liberal nomination

miller trudeau

A bombshell article in Macleans has come out on wide-spread Liberal membership corruption where Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked candidate had people voting for him who never bought their own memberships:

Maclean’s recently contacted several people who voted for Marc Miller, a close friend of Trudeau and the party’s recently elected candidate in the Montreal riding of Ville-Marie. These people, primarily from the riding’s Muslim community, say they never paid for the membership cards—a clear violation of the Liberal party’s own rules.

“We didn’t buy a membership,” said Nahida Rahman, who despite having voted for Miller on the nomination was unaware she was a Liberal member. “Maybe my mother’s friend bought it for me. He gave us a form to fill out. I never gave any money to anyone. My two brothers, my mother and me all got cards.”

“Somebody paid for me,” echoed Mohammed Shabuddin. “I don’t know who paid. They paid for everyone in the family. I don’t know [Marc Miller]. Somebody I know likes him, so I gave him my vote.”

Yet another surprised Liberal and Marc Miller supporter, Sufi Ali, asked how much he owed the Liberal party. (see here)

Trudeau’s Liberals still acting like Liberals – some things never change.


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