Trudeau claimed in media to be both pro-choice and anti-abortion

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This is what Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said in 2011 when his Catholic faith was questioned by Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro:

He notes that he is personally very opposed to abortion, but still believes nobody can tell a woman what she should do with her body. (see here)

Yet after now banning anti-abortionists from being a member of the Liberal Party:

“But the Liberal Party is a pro-choice party and going forward, all new members and new candidates are pro-choice.” (see here)

Trudeau is quoted by CP’s Joan Byden as being pro-abortion:

It changed again when Trudeau, who describes himself as “resolutely pro-choice,” was elected leader a year ago. (see here)

So was Trudeau lying about his abortion stance then or did he miraculously change his entire belief system in the last couple of years?



Media Party act like a cartel – ban political ads that use news content

trudeau adtory_trudeau_ad.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxThe Media Party got together behind closed doors and decided that they will no longer accept any ads which have any of their broadcast content:

In a letter sent to political parties today, representatives from CBC, Radio Canada, CTV, Rogers, and Shaw — which owns Global Television — said they would no longer air political advertisements that include material taken from their airwaves without their express authorization.

“As news organizations, the use of our content in political advertisements without our express consent may compromise our journalistic independence and call into question our journalistic ethics, standards and objectivity,” the broadcasters wrote. (see here)

Did the Media Party make this fair use decision after being asked to by the Liberals and what other secret deals are being or have already been made?

Update: CBC now admits being influenced by the Liberals to ban these political ads by the Conservative Party:

Last year, Liberal MP Stéphane Dion sent a letter to Elections Canada complaining about Conservative ads that used material from the Huffington Post and CTV to attack Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

In the letter, Dion said the ads contained “unauthorized use of copyrighted materials” in violation of Canadian copyright laws.


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