Media Party act like a cartel – ban political ads that use news content

trudeau adtory_trudeau_ad.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxThe Media Party got together behind closed doors and decided that they will no longer accept any ads which have any of their broadcast content:

In a letter sent to political parties today, representatives from CBC, Radio Canada, CTV, Rogers, and Shaw — which owns Global Television — said they would no longer air political advertisements that include material taken from their airwaves without their express authorization.

“As news organizations, the use of our content in political advertisements without our express consent may compromise our journalistic independence and call into question our journalistic ethics, standards and objectivity,” the broadcasters wrote. (see here)

Did the Media Party make this fair use decision after being asked to by the Liberals and what other secret deals are being or have already been made?

Update: CBC now admits being influenced by the Liberals to ban these political ads by the Conservative Party:

Last year, Liberal MP Stéphane Dion sent a letter to Elections Canada complaining about Conservative ads that used material from the Huffington Post and CTV to attack Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

In the letter, Dion said the ads contained “unauthorized use of copyrighted materials” in violation of Canadian copyright laws.



18 Responses to “Media Party act like a cartel – ban political ads that use news content”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Copyrights laws should be honoured but saying that:
    “As news organizations, the use of our content in political advertisements without our express consent may compromise our journalistic independence and call into question our journalistic ethics, standards and objectivity,” the broadcasters wrote.”
    is ludicrous.
    Let’s see what they approve or disapprove in future.

  2. Guffman Says:

    Isn’t it amazing to see the Media Party scrambling to prevent a veritable treasure trove of Justin’s own sound bytes being used against him. I’m sure SUN will happily agree to share their content with any political party who wants it.
    The Media Party is realizing just how many times their Boy Wonder sticks his foot in his mouth regularly. If Harper made similar dimwitted comments as often as him, these Media Party broadcasters would be overjoyed to share their content with anyone who wanted it. Unfortunately for them, Harper thinks before he opens his mouth.

    • Anonymous Says:

      They are attempting to not only suppress the truth about that idiot and fool of a Liberal leader from being shown, they are also intent on suppressing the Conservative Party from showing themselves in a positive light. They’ve declared political war with this move, let there be no doubt about that.

  3. Woody Says:

    What about fair use doctrine or is that not a Canadian privilege. Does this mean that the Libranos will have the right to make up stuff ( OK OK I know……………..) during elections. Maybe we are looking at the precursor to a new policy, where the Media Party will just say they are not going to carry any Conservative advertising in the next election. I guess it’s time to start hitting the advertisers in the pocket book, and leave the MSM to languish.

    • Clary Says:

      I long ago cancelled my sub to the Montreal Gazette and a few months ago cancelled cable. I don’t understand why anyone who visits this board would ever subscribe to a daily paper in this country. Pure bias against my political views and better coverage on the internet anyway.

  4. Martin Says:

    The obvious winner here is Trudeau Jr; his musings with Mansbridge about “just causes” leading to the Boston murders, or his barrel of laughs comments about hockey games vs Russian takeover of Crimea, apparently will not be food for adds against him. That is unless CBC agrees to release the videos to CPC and what are the chances of that happening?
    Lost here is how a publicly funded entity like CBC can deny use of its footage by some of the same people who financed it. Just one more reason why it should be privatized.

    • Guffman Says:

      Agreed… CBC footage has been already been paid for, in large part, by the Canadian government/taxpayers. This should make it accessible to the people who paid for it… Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Greens or anyone else. The private broadcasters can do as they please.
      I think Stephane Dion is still mad about CTV using and sharing his dopey, non-answer, interview excerpts that sunk him before the election.

      • E Mac Says:

        And this was complements of Steve Murphy – Halifax.
        Dion had three chances to get it right – and screwed it up all three.
        Believe it.

  5. Roy Elsworth Says:

    nope the obvious winner is sunnews which means that conservatives are the winners now sunnews can exspose Justin trudeau. and none of the left wing media can do anything about it so conservatives win.

  6. Bruce Says:

    “their airwaves”?

    Guffman, agreed. We taxpayers own the CBC and it’s content, therefor any political party is entitled to use it.

    • bocanut Says:

      You’re absolutely right,censorship by a pubically owned broadcaster is what Pravda does.

  7. Martin Says:

    CBC has already entered the political sphere with idolatry biopics of both Pierre Trudeau and Jack Layton. The Layton movie included assistance from his widow, still a very active NDP politician. So how in fairness can they decide that news footage cannot be used in purely political ends? These productions were nothing other than political works. To avoid any semblance of favouritism, CBC.should desist from such political productions, or make their news footage available to all those who have paid for it.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Pathetic attempt at censorship by the media party, the primary purpose of course to protect the medias imbecilic candidate, Trudeau Jr. Clearly the Liberals demanded this censorship from their media comrades and got complete compliance. Can’t let Canadians see the medias candidate sticking his foot in his mouth every other week. Better for the media to have the exclusive ability to shape how their candidate is perceived by the public… Maggots!!

  9. Fay Says:

    Just watched the CBC ” At Issue”panel bash Stephen Harper to promote the wonderful Ontario Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne.
    The destruction of Ontario is almost complete all with the blessings of CBC! Unbelievable!

  10. ohboy Says:

    Someone correct me if I’m mistaken but aren’t all Cdn media outlets financed thru gov’t (media ?) grants to some degree?
    If so then cut their funding off !

  11. Lorne Russell Says:

    I see 3 issues:
    1. Copyright issue
    “… a political campaign may be able to use portions of filmed interviews, clips from movies, or quotes from published newspaper reports without being liable for copyright infringement. That’s because the materials are used not for commercial purposes but for political purposes protected by the fair use defense.

    2. Cartel Issue
    A group broadcasters making an agreement to protect each others revenue or hypothetical non-revenue would not be much different than price fixing. When the publicly owned non-profit CBC is part of this arrangement that gets really weird. If there is a copyright infringement that should be for the courts to decide, not the broadcasters themselves making an a-priori decision that their stuff is protected and setting up a mechanism to enforce their own decision.

    3. Free Speech & journalistic independence
    The broadcast companies state: “As news organizations, the use of our content in political advertisements without our express consent may compromise our journalistic independence and call into question our journalistic ethics, standards and objectivity,” I would say exactly the opposite is true. Allowing broadcast companies to pick and choose what may or may not be used in political advertising will compromise all of that.

    What politicians say is in the public domain and I see no difference between a written account and a filmed account of it. I don’t see that use of short TV snippets for non-commercial purposes harms broadcasters financially or affects their journalistic independence. I think the reaching of an agreement between broadcasters to enforce their interpretation of copyright law is unseemly and an affront to free speech in an open democratic society.

  12. Barry W Says:

    I see that it is OK for the cable networks to “steal” US programmes e.g. football games and even insert their own commercials but not for a political party to copy a Canadian politician speaking on Canadian TV.

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