Trudeau claimed in media to be both pro-choice and anti-abortion

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This is what Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said in 2011 when his Catholic faith was questioned by Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro:

He notes that he is personally very opposed to abortion, but still believes nobody can tell a woman what she should do with her body. (see here)

Yet after now banning anti-abortionists from being a member of the Liberal Party:

“But the Liberal Party is a pro-choice party and going forward, all new members and new candidates are pro-choice.” (see here)

Trudeau is quoted by CP’s Joan Byden as being pro-abortion:

It changed again when Trudeau, who describes himself as “resolutely pro-choice,” was elected leader a year ago. (see here)

So was Trudeau lying about his abortion stance then or did he miraculously change his entire belief system in the last couple of years?



13 Responses to “Trudeau claimed in media to be both pro-choice and anti-abortion”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Can’t wait until he says he grandfathered himself in

  2. Searle Says:

    Just-in what we expect…what ever way the wind is blowing on any given day!

  3. gerry from gta Says:

    He also has stated in the past few day that he would not sign the approval papers of any pro-life candidate representing the Liberal party. Liberal party is still a top down party.

    Think how much worse this would be if we went to proportional representation — party leader determines the candidates on a preference list.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Junior exposes himself not only as a wishy washy say whatever you need to say type of guy, (just like the detestable old man) but he also exposes his intolerance, his extremism and his utter contempt towards Canadians that don’t share his myopic intolerant views. The Liberal party are clearly not a “big tent” party but a party of the extreme left, stunted blind ideologues and as anti democratic as it gets. Junior trud is the leader of a cult that worships at the alter of Daddy’s Charter of Court interpretations, the party of no choice, no debate, just worship of the dictates enshrined in the imposed Trudeau Charter.

  5. Lyndia Says:

    He is following Obama’s schedule–first–pro choice (abortion); the next I believe is the war on women; the next is minimum wage; the next is a pension plan for everyone (in the U.S. it is obamacare). Just watch him!

  6. Liz J Says:

    Trudeau has no idea what he believes on much of anything aside from legalizing pot, the actual details of how that would be accomplished he would have no clue. He’s being led by a bunch of dough heads, he’s not leading, he’s not capable.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I think Trudeau’s weed stance changed as well?

      • Hans Says:

        “True-Dope-ia” is what the electors get with mushy mindedness.

        They might as well have the Monty Python character, “Charles Paisley the Baby Crusher” fielding questions for the LIEberals, on the state of unrestricted abortion on demand in Canada.

        Next LIEberals will be advocating an abbatoir every couple of blocks from sea to sea.

        Yes, and where is that famous ‘tolerance’ for a ‘diversity of opinion’ in a democracy.

        Naturally, the only opinion that counts is, which ever way the wind is blowing on any given day.

        But hey, what did you expect from the ‘admirer of Chinese dictatorships’ where mandated abortion is the order of the day.?

        Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

        Frankenstein Battalion
        Knecht Rupprecht Division
        Hans Corps
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army
        Army Group “True North”

  7. Martin Says:

    One wonders how Jr gets himself into such philosophical contortions; apparently if a current Liberal MP is anti abortion, that is acceptable, but if former MP wishes to return it isn’t. His edict would also exclude about 3 former Liberal PM from running with him. This sounds like another bright idea his handlers have dreamed up, to distance himself from the reactionary CPC. All this does is open him to ridicule and of course inconsistency. Deeply felt moral issues such as this are better left to individual concience; they are not something to score cheap political advantage with.

    • Liz J Says:

      Trudeau’s handlers are feeding him ideas he cannot put forward clearly without stammering, which means it’s policy on the fly with none of them having the capability to provide proper briefing before he spouts off.

      Those who care about Canada have to realize what’s going on and never vote for this cabal of desperate for power Liberals without a real leader at the helm, a pig in a poke is not acceptable. Listening to Trudeau speak makes one realize how juvenile he really is.

  8. Video: Trudeau will also ban climate change skeptics from being Liberal MPs | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] the heels of banning pro-lifers from running as MPs (see here) Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is continuing his dictatorship rulings by decreeing anyone not onside […]

  9. ohboy Says:

    The brighter side of this as yet ‘another example of young trudeau’s motor mouth complex’ is that he now treads where he foolishly should not tread…namely ndp territory.
    By his trying to encroach on the ndp’s long standing policy of pro-life intolerance amongst its caucus, (perhaps in hoping to make points with the Quebec electorate ?) … he has forced Mulcair to rebuke him and has foolishly and firmly ‘hung his hat’ in the left of centre arena of ndp territory, thereby distancing many centrist lib voters with a conscience as regards abortion.
    A very dumb move on his part as this forces the lpc further into a protracted battle for already limited progressive votes
    . Angry Tom won’t tolerate it and will fight trudeau vehemently.
    Stephen Harper and the CPC can both remain immune to this as well as reap any of the flow that moves over to their camp due to this poorly thought out move by ‘ le enfant stupide ‘ masquerading as a seasoned politician.

  10. Andrew Says:

    I’ll let you know my practicing R.C., lifelong Liberal dad’s reaction to this. (He’s 90 this June.) If he stays home or switches votes, the Grits might me in some trouble.

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