CBC omits Federal Court bias-ruling against Gomery in anti-Harper interview

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Noticeably absent in this CBC story based on an interview of retired judge John Gomery by Evan Solomon:

Retired Quebec Superior Court judge John Gomery is adding his voice to those criticizing Stephen Harper’s treatment of the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

“I think it’s appalling that the judiciary should be used for political purposes in this way and I’m puzzled as to the motivation of the prime minister and his office as to why they would take on the chief justice,” Gomery said (see here)

Is that Gomery himself was publicly condemned by the Federal Court for his own remarks:

The Federal Court of Canada has struck down a key finding by the 2005 Gomery commission that former prime minister Jean Chrétien was implicitly involved in the sponsorship scandal where more than $1 million was illegally diverted into Liberal Party coffers and four people so far have been convicted of fraud and sent to jail.

Judge Max Teitelbaum ruled yesterday that commissioner John Gomery demonstrated sufficient bias against Chrétien to set aside the finding.

Teitelbaum claimed Gomery showed bias when he made “inappropriate comments” in media interviews as well as during the hearings themselves, which took place in 2004 and 2005. (see here)

I’ve asked Solomon about the omission and will update if he responds.


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