Veteran advocacy group criticizing Harper run by Liberals – media refuse to mention


On a day designed to honour Afghanistan veterans many in the media used the tiring and obvious gambit of  running to someone they know who will give them anti-Conservative/anti-Harper quotes:

Two retired veterans have strong opinions of Friday’s National Day of Honour — and they aren’t keeping quiet about it.

“They think a f—ing parade is going to change my mind?” asked Johnston. “Not a f—ing chance.” (see here)

But to make this journalistic practise even more disgusting is when the journos don’t mention who is behind the organizations they are quoting.

For example in the Sun story, Sgt John Tescione and Capt Wayne Johnston quoted are from Wounded Warriors which is full of Liberals (see here):

Director Dan McTeague (ex-Liberal MP):


Executive Director Scott Maxwell (Ex-Liberal MP and Ontario Liberal MPP Executive Assistant):


National Patron Romeo Dallaire (Liberal Senator):


So forgive me if I suspect their outrage is generated from a partisan perspective.


Either the reporters know about these Liberals and didn’t disclose or didn’t investigate and are incompetent – their choice.

Update: Tescione responded to me on Twitter and besides being a jerk (big surprise) he says he is not associated with Wound Warriors.

Update: This is a screen shot from a CTV story dated Aug 28, 2012 which says Tescione was participating in a Wounded Warriors function:

tescione 1

h/t PaulsStuff


Star’s editors admit going easy on Trudeau for past year

trudeau star

This Toronto Star editorial does go after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for lying about open nominations with his latest banning of pro-lifers:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not tell his MPs how to vote on abortion, although he has made it clear he does not want it discussed in Parliament and will not support legislation on the issue. (Several of his backbenchers have put forward private member’s bills anyway.)

Trudeau’s hard-line stand not only contradicts his open-nomination pledge; it leads to a two-tier caucus with one set of rules for incumbents and a different set for newcomers. That won’t sit well with Liberals committed to equality and freedom of belief.

Which is amazing but this line also caught me eye:

Because of his comparative youth (he’s 42) and lack of political experience, Trudeau has been given a lot of leeway in the past year to develop his leadership skills. (see here)

This is an admission from the Star editors that there has been concerted effort by them to shield Trudeau until they decide when he has had enough political experience to defend himself.

Also: The Star editorial board had already deemed Trudeau good-to-go last April as shown by this Chantal Hebert fluff-piece written after his interview with them (see here).


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