Star’s editors admit going easy on Trudeau for past year

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This Toronto Star editorial does go after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for lying about open nominations with his latest banning of pro-lifers:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not tell his MPs how to vote on abortion, although he has made it clear he does not want it discussed in Parliament and will not support legislation on the issue. (Several of his backbenchers have put forward private member’s bills anyway.)

Trudeau’s hard-line stand not only contradicts his open-nomination pledge; it leads to a two-tier caucus with one set of rules for incumbents and a different set for newcomers. That won’t sit well with Liberals committed to equality and freedom of belief.

Which is amazing but this line also caught me eye:

Because of his comparative youth (he’s 42) and lack of political experience, Trudeau has been given a lot of leeway in the past year to develop his leadership skills. (see here)

This is an admission from the Star editors that there has been concerted effort by them to shield Trudeau until they decide when he has had enough political experience to defend himself.

Also: The Star editorial board had already deemed Trudeau good-to-go last April as shown by this Chantal Hebert fluff-piece written after his interview with them (see here).



8 Responses to “Star’s editors admit going easy on Trudeau for past year”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Running interference for the Shiny Pony until his brain catches up with his mouth is a tough and demanding job for Progressive journalosers

  2. Liz J Says:

    The Star’s Editors should go for news, as in tell us something we haven’t already figured out.
    I hate to disappoint Hebert and fellow Liberals shills but their boy Justin hasn’t improved, he’s still being led and fed by a desperate for power pack of Liberal operatives. They’re jumping form one issue to another like throwing darts blind folded hoping to hit a bullseye.

    The idea to make Liberal Senators Independent is a joke, they’re all still working for the party and will vote in the Senate as Liberals, they just won’t attend caucus which means nothing within the Senate.

    Going back on his word to have open nominations is a joke, it’s become another big Liberal lie. Living in Ontario lying has become synonymous with Liberal promises.

    Jumping into the Abortion issue is another huge mistake, he’s going to rue this one the most judging by the pro-life rallies in the thousands.

    No, Hebert and TorStar Trudeau pushers, he’s an abject failure to this point, blaming his age is a cop-out, if he can’t get up to speed after over a year on-the-job training, can’t answer straight forward questions about what he’s spouting, we have proof he’s a front man for a party not fit to govern.

    • tim Says:

      Don’t pizz the Shiny Pony off; he’ll take his skateboard and go home all huffy like.

  3. Paul Says:

    Wow…honesty from the TorStar.
    Who’d a thunk?

  4. RB Says:

    Wow…they basically say in the article that he’ll be ready in 30 months. They are just propping this guy up and feeding us a line. Yeah he’s ready to lead…Canada to ruin

  5. bubbabrown Says:

    Well in 2008 Justin got 16,429 votes in Papineau 41% of the vote.
    In 2011 he got 16,429 votes or 38.41 % of the vote in Papineau.
    So over 62 % did not vote for Junior.
    Is this a trend?
    Is Prince -pot-alot slipping?
    If this was PM Harper CBC would be hosting a special.

  6. DAVID WEUM Says:


  7. Sean M Says:

    Everybody should know that Junior is the medias candidate for King of Trudeauland…. even though he’s clearly an imbecile, just like his Father. I would say the Red Star is no different then most other media marxists in this country in their coverage of the 42 year old boy dictator. They all give Junior a free ride, explaining away Juniors “chronic” foot in mouth disease, or making excuses for him, running to defend him in an almost hysterical fashion at every turn… the “leave Brittany alone” syndrome. I don’t see the Red Star, CBC, CTV, Glowball, NP, or any other lefty “news” organization changing anytime soon, simply more of the same crap no matter what their moron candidate says or does, I guess we’ll see if the Red Star’s backhanded admission is reflected in more truthful and thorough reporting on the boy blunder, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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