Veteran advocacy group criticizing Harper run by Liberals – media refuse to mention


On a day designed to honour Afghanistan veterans many in the media used the tiring and obvious gambit of  running to someone they know who will give them anti-Conservative/anti-Harper quotes:

Two retired veterans have strong opinions of Friday’s National Day of Honour — and they aren’t keeping quiet about it.

“They think a f—ing parade is going to change my mind?” asked Johnston. “Not a f—ing chance.” (see here)

But to make this journalistic practise even more disgusting is when the journos don’t mention who is behind the organizations they are quoting.

For example in the Sun story, Sgt John Tescione and Capt Wayne Johnston quoted are from Wounded Warriors which is full of Liberals (see here):

Director Dan McTeague (ex-Liberal MP):


Executive Director Scott Maxwell (Ex-Liberal MP and Ontario Liberal MPP Executive Assistant):


National Patron Romeo Dallaire (Liberal Senator):


So forgive me if I suspect their outrage is generated from a partisan perspective.


Either the reporters know about these Liberals and didn’t disclose or didn’t investigate and are incompetent – their choice.

Update: Tescione responded to me on Twitter and besides being a jerk (big surprise) he says he is not associated with Wound Warriors.

Update: This is a screen shot from a CTV story dated Aug 28, 2012 which says Tescione was participating in a Wounded Warriors function:

tescione 1

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13 Responses to “Veteran advocacy group criticizing Harper run by Liberals – media refuse to mention”

  1. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals haven’t one speck of credibility criticizing the Harper on the Veterans or the Military, all of these Liberals are well known within the media, when it’s criticism of the Harper government they purposely wouldn’t investigate, a rule for any reporter and they know it. They’re not incompetent, they’re dishonest.

    Friday’s Day of Honour was well done, the Liberals and their scabs in the media just cannot stand to watch as the PM does what he does best, in all sincerity gives a heartfelt speech and day to thank and honour the men and women sent to serve the most difficult mission in our history, Instead of praising this they’re crapping on it as only Liberals can do. Strangely enough they will have some military brass who also have an axe to grind based on pure politics.

    I’m sick to death of the lot of them.

    • bubbabrown Says:

      I am in full agreement Liz J.
      Where was the outrage when slimy Liberals were insinuating our Troops were abusing Afstan prisioners.
      No proof, no apology, ditto on robo-call 3,581 “news storys” again no proof or apology.
      The Liberals cut the heart out of our Army, Navy and Airforce back when the great sperm donor Pierre was running things.
      I was there and will never forgive or forget.
      The Media Maggots only exist to bash our Government and cover up for Junior Trudeau who is the Paris Hilton of canadian politics.

  2. Steve Jacobson Says:

    Great job exposing yet another left-wing Liberal-NDP front group posing as a “veterans advocacy” group. Another prime example is the Canadian Veterans Advocacy.

    Veterans know and understand who represents and looks out for them – and that is, and will continue to be, the Royal Canadian Legion. These fringe groups can continue to make whatever claims they want; real veterans stand behind their Legion.

  3. Joe Says:

    Canadians serving in Afghanistan are not the first troops sent into harms way by the Canadian government but in all the years I have been around I don’t ever recall a national parade like the one I witnessed in Ottawa the other day. Well done GG Johnson, PM Harper et al.

  4. E Mac Says:

    McTeague – Ambulance chaser extraordinaire, along with Romeo Dallaire who didn’t lift a finger when he could have in Africa. And Johnston whose @$$ was carried by others more reliable. Strictly whiners who when a step up to the plate is needed they can’t be found. a CYA group if I ever saw one.

    • Liz J Says:

      There’s no bigger Liberal motor mouth than Gassy McTeague. Do they really think we don’t recall how they gutted the Military or how ill equipped our forces were when Chretien sent them to the dangerous hell hole of Afghanistan?
      They have some gall to even show their mugs let alone open their mushes to criticize the Harper Government.

  5. TangoJuliette Says:

    Do these libranoids get paid for these “Directorships?”

    • BC Blue Says:

      Thank you. There are a lot of half-truths I’m finding…maybe “not with them anymore” is the full truth?

  6. Bruce Says:

    No surprise there, the Liberals and the NDP have a knack for inventing groups, institutes and assorted experts for the media to interview to bolster any particular position on any subject that might be the flavour of the day.

  7. ProudToBeCanadian. Politics. Says:

    […] Veteran advocacy group criticizing Harper run by Liberals – media refuse to mention […]

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