MP asks RCMP to investigate Elections Canada for leaking to media

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A massive bomb that could completely blow up Elections Canada and some members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery including the media organizations they work for has been placed by MP Dean Del Mastro:

An MP who once served as a Parliamentary aide to Stephen Harper is asking the RCMP to investigate Elections Canada, accusing the agency of leaking details of its investigation into him to the media.

The Peterborough MP is accusing a particular Elections Canada official of these alleged leaks but would not identify this person when contacted last week. (see here)

This is huge.



11 Responses to “MP asks RCMP to investigate Elections Canada for leaking to media”

  1. DW Says:

    That media cabal make me sick. they are just too close.but, maybe, the low information voter takes it in stride or could care less. I hope those folks take a crash course in integrity. At last we can hope, right? Rosemary Barton should know better. We’ve lost her. But, its not much of a loss. They are so wrong!

  2. Liz J Says:

    Wow, this could make for some interesting fare, a real cornering of rats. Del Mastro is nobody’s fool, he’s a straight up fellow who I don’t believe would do anything illegal in the first place. Peterborough is a strong Liberal area, I’m sure they’d be looking to set something, anything, against him.

  3. E Mac Says:

    Excellent, I hope they catch the perp and nail his butt to the cross.

  4. Fay Says:

    Good job Dean Del Mastro. I sure hope some light is shone into the dark corners between Elections Canada and the Media Party.

  5. Martin Says:

    In other news, Ottawa Citizen’s front page story continues to flog that dead horse known as “Robocalls”. Award winning reporter Stephen Mayer explains how EC is hasty being in clearing the conservatives of wrongdoing. Any investigation into Mayer’s sources at EC could prove very interesting.

    • Liz J Says:

      Elections Canada needs a thorough investigation and clean out.
      Maher was awarded for work done on Robocalls which turned out to be false. He didn’t have proof before reporting, the only thing he had was enough false info to make a story against Conservatives which is the name of the game,now apparently there’s an award for that.

    • revanche (@revanche01) Says:

      Yeah, some pretty thin gruel even for grassy knoll types. Lots of the usual “facts” without context to rouse people who do not understand how messy Call Centre work is.

  6. Sean M Says:

    No doubt the thugs at EC and their media comrades did a number on Del Mastro, bullying the guy to the back benches. An RCMP investigation into that corrupt organization would be welcomed by a lot of Canadians. Payback.

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