Video: Vancouver mother gives small daughter sign at anti-oil protest reading “Fuck Enbridge”

enbridge girl mother

Nothing makes me angrier than adults using children as political tools at protests but a Vancouver mother took this to another level by not only making her young daughter hold up a sign stating “Fuck Enbridge” at an anti-oil pipeline rally this past weekend but taught her to chant it like a parrot (see video here starts apx 13:00 mark).

oil protesters little girl

Now tell me Sun News was the only media organization who saw this.

enbridge mother daughter

You’ll also notice blurred out on the little girl’s shirt are the words “Fuck Enbridge” and what I assume is her even younger brother holding up the same worded sign – mother of the year.


11 Responses to “Video: Vancouver mother gives small daughter sign at anti-oil protest reading “Fuck Enbridge””

  1. bocanut Says:

    Is this considered play time in a Progressive 1%er’s world?

  2. Alain Says:

    I pity the child with such an unfit mother.

  3. Woody Sawyer Says:

    In all likelihood, Mom did not have to teach her child this word. It is probably used in every sentence, in their home, day after day after day. It may have been one of the first words learned by a toddler. Did you ever work around someone who has come from another country. This is one of the first words that they learn, and parrot back at you. After hearing F#¢k you, to husband, brothers, sisters and anyone else in the conversation, The toddler doesn’t have a clue of what it means, only that it conveys the information, that I disagree with you and the conversation is now over. At least it will be, as this is the only response I have to your argument.

    • Frances Says:

      Woody – depends upon the household. Wasn’t heard – except under extreme provocation – in ours. The children, for many years, simply referred to “swears”. Should I have an immigrant co-worker who is using “expletive-deleteds”, I will gently point out that these words are not good to use too frequently.

      That being said, I do remember – back in the day – when the French immersion teacher for eldest child had to have explained to her words which should not be heard in either language in her classroom. So it’s not a totally recent phenomenon.

      • Woody Says:

        Frances – Understand your point of view. When our children were growing up and they came home to show us the new word they had learned at school, we told them we understood the words, but we made a decision not to use them. To this day, as adults they do not use coarse language in our house. However, when confronted about or decsion by other adults, we respond that we are not ignorant, but we make choices about how we speak. We moved to a small city, and have lived here for many years, but there are people here who will ostracize you because of your language. Because of their integrity and strength of character, they are leaders in our community and industry. It really is wise to not only avoid coarse language, but to develop your vocabulary so that you can convey what you mean, in a non profane manner. And it can be extremely humorous to watch someone’s face when you explain that you had not intended to accept an invitation to bed, when you disagreed with them. 🙂

  4. Searle Says:

    Goes to show the mentality of these protesters…pity the poor child!

  5. DW Says:


  6. Beachdude Says:

    What a class act!!! Loved watching Ezra talk to these bozo’s yesterday, he outed them quite easily

  7. Angus Says:

    `Unfit mother. Using a child like this is irresponsible.

  8. Janet Says:

    The future is ****** with moms like that.

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