Sun’s Lilley exposes CBC’s story on RCMP banning Swiss Arms rifle

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The CBC ran a story yesterday which accused Public Safety Minister Steve Blaney of lying about being unaware of the RCMP banning the Swiss Arms Classic Green rifle:

Newly obtained documents show Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney was informed more than once and long in advance that the RCMP was likely going to reclassify and ban a controversial semi-automatic rifle. (see here)

And like a sucker, I fell for it without investigating first.

I mean, for the RCMP and CBC to lie about something like this would be unthinkable right? But as Sun News’ Brian Lilley pointed out on his segment, you can never ever trust the CBC (see video here).

If what Lilley is saying proves to be true, RCMP Commission Bob Paulson must immediately resign.

Also: I’ve asked CBC’s Allison Crawford if she is standing by her story and will update is she responds.





4 Responses to “Sun’s Lilley exposes CBC’s story on RCMP banning Swiss Arms rifle”

  1. bocanut Says:

    The RCMP tail is wagging Canadian Parliament’s dog.
    When did they get the power to enact legislation?
    Swiss Army Knives are next on the Mounties list?

  2. BDFT Says:

    The RCMP didn’t enact any legislation. They “determined” that the Swiss Arms rifle could be easily made fully automatic therefore prohibited. That is absurd on the face of it but with no oversight, the RCMP merely have to declare something to make it true. Its impossible to create a fully automatic Swiss Arms rifle without a fully equipped machine shop and a well trained machinist. None of this matters to the RCMP.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Why would they, the RCMP ban anything?
    They just love kicking down law abiding citzens front doors.
    Time to kick the RCMP to the curb.

  4. oldwhiteguy Says:

    the rcmp does not have the authority to classify or ban anything.

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