Boko Haram anti-terrorist Twitter slacktivism by Trudeau

Michelle Obama BringBackOurGirls

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is once again trying to pretend he is the Barack Obama of Canada:

trudeau boko haram

But besides tweeting this hashtag BringBackOurGirls, can anyone recall what concrete ideas Trudeau has put forth on dealing with African al-Qaeda groups like Boko Haram?

Does he think we just need to understand the root causes for kidnapping school girls?

h/t Hank


FN Band Chief and parents need to be charged when little girl dies from cancer


The parents of a 10 year Native girl are willing to let their daughter die of leukemia and the New Credit First Nation are saying they will use violence in order to keep child services from apprehending her:

“They basically said she would have 100 per cent relapse and she would die if we discontinued chemotherapy. And that going the route of traditional medicine has zero per cent success rate,” said Sonya Sault.

“We’re not going to allow any other agency to come in and apprehend our children. We went through that in the ’40s and ’50s and we’re not going to allow that again,” said Chief Bryan Laforme.


The Saults said their community has also created a group called the “Makayla defence force,” a group of hundreds of community members ready to act if Children’s Aid attempts to apprehend her. (see here)

And the CBC journo Connie Walker apparently believes since it’s “traditional FN medicine” that this child has the right to choose:

Makayla Sault is only 10 years old, but has already had to make life and death decisions.

I’ve asked Walker flat-out if she supports this decision to allow Makayla to die and will update if she responds.

Tell me if this was a white Christian family, the CBC and the rest of the Media Party wouldn’t be screaming how insane these people were and equating them to Branch Davidians.

Update: Walker refuses to directly answer my question and repeatedly hides pretending to be non-biased:



Citizen editorial states anti-abortion Liberal is same as Green climate change denier

Maher Potter

The Ottawa Citizen generally can’t shock me anymore but this jaw-dropping editorial endorsing Liberal leader Justin Trudeau banning pro-lifers managed just that:

What Trudeau is asking, in effect, is that his candidates reflect the party’s view. One wouldn’t expect to find a climate-change denier in the Green party. A party exists to offer voters one particular platform, not to be all things to all people. (see here)

Think about the mind-set of an editorial board from a major Canadian newspaper saying abortion is on par with climate fraud.


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