Citizen’s editor and Trudeau’s puppet-master show each other some Bro-love on Twitter


One of the things I love most about Twitter is how Media Party journos let their bias and true leanings constantly slip out for all to see yet are oblivious to what it looks like.

Case in point is this exchange between the Ottawa Citizen’s editor Andrew Potter and Trudeau’s top advisor Gerald Butts:

potter butts

It’s not the most damaging thing I’ve ever seen (by far) a journo post on Twitter but is a great insight into the cosy relationship between the two.

Also, keep in mind this is on the same day that the Citizen endorsed Trudeau’s banning of pro-lifers from the Liberal Party (see here) and ran a massive bio on Butts (see here).



5 Responses to “Citizen’s editor and Trudeau’s puppet-master show each other some Bro-love on Twitter”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Potter is now saying his paper is going to completely re-manage the way they deliver news, whatever the hell that means.
    A fine bunch of butt heads, I say they’re getting desperate for readers, their political bias is palpable, everyone just will not pay for or trust what they print to be untainted by their bias. Bias blurs the true facts in any story. Potter could start his revamping by calling it the Citizen Liberal Times.

    • Liz J Says:

      Correction, that should read Potter is now saying his paper is going to completely ** re-imagine** the way they deliver news……..

  2. bocanut Says:

    He worked for Dalton McGuinty,Allan MacEachen and George Smitherman? and now he’s regurgitating talking points for Trudeau 2.0?
    Trudeau 2.0 charges charities for speechifying and Butts rakes in $250,000 for running a charity?
    They’re close friends with apparently the same set of values.
    Like another Liberal (Lisa Kirbie Senior VP and part owner of Daisy consulting and Canada’s answer to Paris Hilton) said the other day -say what you have to to get elected.
    It’s the disgusting Liberal way.

    • Liz J Says:

      Is this the Lisa Kirbie who is the lady friend of Warren Kinsella? Warren would not like her being compared to Paris Hilton!

      • bocanut Says:

        She’s Wrinklie’s fiancee.She was a clerk when they met working on Michael “the Count” Ignatieff’s campaign,Kinsella was still depositing tax payer money into his wife’s business.
        She’s converted to the Catholic faith in preperation for the upcoming nuptials but remains pro abortion.
        She’s plays the femme fatale when asked a difficult question,like Trudeau 2.0,and doesn’t have a Kinsella approved answer she can parrot
        She accuses people of stalking but approves of her friend’s creepy behavior .
        She uses blogger Canadian Cynic(who told the mother of a slain Canadian soldier to “go and f**k your grief”) and his twisted personna as a reliable source for her accusations.
        She’a a feminista who poses for Kinsella’s punk band SFH album cover displaying a big set of boobies.
        If Kirbie ever had an original thought it would be lonely.
        On second thought comparing Kirbie and Hilton isn’t fair to Hilton.
        They both might be vapid posers but Hilton isn’t close to being a thin-skinned Progressive 1% hypocrite like Kirbie.
        I do wish the couple a very happy life together, they certainly deserve each other.
        However,Kinsella should get an iron clad pre-nup.

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