Alberta PC minister calls federal Conservatives “un-Canadian”


The gift that keeps on giving for Alberta’s Wildrose was at it again on Saturday by smearing the Conservative Party of Canada:

Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk says the federal government’s temporary foreign worker (TFW) program is inhumane and economically unsound.

“We need you here to stay. A revolving door is simply not humane, and economically not sound,” he said.

Lukaszuk blasted federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney for suspending the TFW program in the food sector last month to launch a review, after several Canadian businesses were accused of giving TFWs more hours or priority work status.

Lukaszuk said he learned of the decision unexpectedly through a news broadcast and called the move “simply un-Canadian.” (see here)

Brilliant strategy.

Does the PC’s Messiah Jim Prentice believe the Conservatives are “un-Canadian” as well?


Wynne campaigns on deaths at Walkerton – no mention of Liberal’s 25% funding cut in 2011


It was beyond disgusting and a sure sign the Ontario Liberal’s campaign is falling apart when Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne stood in front of the media at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre and claimed funding cuts by the PCs would end up causing deaths:

“The cutbacks of the 1990s contributed to this tragedy. There was a failure of oversight, a failure of enforcement. Cuts have consequences. We need to learn from and avoid the mistakes of Ontario’s past.” (see here)

So, besides lying that the cuts caused these deaths when in fact it was blamed on incompetent long-term government employees, Wynne failed to mention (and apparently no media in attendance knew) was that the Liberals had already cut funding there:

Following the 2011 election — where the Liberals made a political decision to cancel the gas plants that cost taxpayers up to $1.1 billion — the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne government cut its funding to the Walkerton Clean Water Centre by $1 million annually from $4 million to $3 million.

Indeed, Wynne’s announcement in Walkerton on Thursday of a new10-year, $30 million funding commitment to the centre, actually means this lower rate of funding is being set in stone. (see here)

The irony is that this should be the political grave for the Liberals. Will the Media Party pounce or continue to allow Wynne to lie?

And talking about cutting, who was the bureaucrat who authorized this media event?

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