Alberta PC minister calls federal Conservatives “un-Canadian”


The gift that keeps on giving for Alberta’s Wildrose was at it again on Saturday by smearing the Conservative Party of Canada:

Labour Minister Thomas Lukaszuk says the federal government’s temporary foreign worker (TFW) program is inhumane and economically unsound.

“We need you here to stay. A revolving door is simply not humane, and economically not sound,” he said.

Lukaszuk blasted federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney for suspending the TFW program in the food sector last month to launch a review, after several Canadian businesses were accused of giving TFWs more hours or priority work status.

Lukaszuk said he learned of the decision unexpectedly through a news broadcast and called the move “simply un-Canadian.” (see here)

Brilliant strategy.

Does the PC’s Messiah Jim Prentice believe the Conservatives are “un-Canadian” as well?


8 Responses to “Alberta PC minister calls federal Conservatives “un-Canadian””

  1. bocanut Says:

    It’s un-Canadian to call the cops on a cancer stricken senior because he didn’t want to listen to how great you are.
    Lukaszuk is like Trudeau 2.0-great hair and an empty mind.

  2. Liz J Says:

    The Alberta PC’s are so Liberal they should wear red. How will they maneuver it so Prentice will be the only one seeking the leadership, they all know he’s their choice, why bother with the pretense, adjust the crown to fit.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Another “progressive” disguised as a Conservative. You can bet this guy lives like King while he pretends to give a damn. “Progressives” are such liars, their whole lives revolve around lies. If “progressives’ had to rely on honesty they would never get elected.

  4. Tim Says:

    Yep, the last pack of clowns I heard uttering those words were the Jean Chrétien Liberals criticizing everyone who denounced his unilateral ratifying of Kyoto and calling them “un Canadian”. Lukaszuk shows his true colours.

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