Wynne campaigns on deaths at Walkerton – no mention of Liberal’s 25% funding cut in 2011


It was beyond disgusting and a sure sign the Ontario Liberal’s campaign is falling apart when Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne stood in front of the media at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre and claimed funding cuts by the PCs would end up causing deaths:

“The cutbacks of the 1990s contributed to this tragedy. There was a failure of oversight, a failure of enforcement. Cuts have consequences. We need to learn from and avoid the mistakes of Ontario’s past.” (see here)

So, besides lying that the cuts caused these deaths when in fact it was blamed on incompetent long-term government employees, Wynne failed to mention (and apparently no media in attendance knew) was that the Liberals had already cut funding there:

Following the 2011 election — where the Liberals made a political decision to cancel the gas plants that cost taxpayers up to $1.1 billion — the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne government cut its funding to the Walkerton Clean Water Centre by $1 million annually from $4 million to $3 million.

Indeed, Wynne’s announcement in Walkerton on Thursday of a new10-year, $30 million funding commitment to the centre, actually means this lower rate of funding is being set in stone. (see here)

The irony is that this should be the political grave for the Liberals. Will the Media Party pounce or continue to allow Wynne to lie?

And talking about cutting, who was the bureaucrat who authorized this media event?


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  1. bocanut Says:

    “Say anything to aquire power” is the Liberal mantra

  2. Liz J Says:

    This act by Wynne should be her Waterloo. The Walkerton tragedy was and still is one of the saddest events which happened because a couple of Union members were not doing their jobs, and allegedly drinking on the job as well. It happened under a PC government, it would have happened no matter who was in power, it had zero to do with politics and everything to do with those responsible for simply doing their jobs properly, testing and treating the water supply at a facility that happened to be down grade from farmers’ fields and it was critical that it be tested and treated properly.

    If this had happened under a Liberal government she wouldn’t have gone there. The Liberals of the province of Ontario are desperate, they’re showing how low politics can go, it’s pure slime trying to score points where people died, some elderly people and even a baby died because of only two people.

    Wynne can’t campaign on her own record, she’s going back to the Mike Harris era of over 14 years ago to try to find some scare tactics. She should hang her head in shame, show some humility, some humanity and apologize to all for being such a thoughtless power hungry politician.

  3. Sandy S. Says:

    Good info. I notice the CBC article on this event fails to mention the cuts the Liberals made to Walkerton clean water funding, only saying they would continue to fund. A serious omission by our tax funded broadcaster. Surprise Surprise.

  4. paulsstuff Says:

    This wasn’t about Walkerton for Wynne. This was about Wynne trying to score votes in the rest of Ontario and the graves of the deceased and families. You never see Wynne, nor the media, mention the fact the MPP is PC for Walkerton. The people of Walkerton understand exactly what happened in Walkerton. The private labs demonized by Wynne and the Liberals actually did their job, finding e-coli in multiple tests and forwarding the information. The fact it was the Koebel brothers, union members at that, never gets mentioned. If you want the actual truth about what occurred, this is an excellant timeline:


  5. Martin Says:

    Further to the point of Liberals not representing Walkerton (Huron-Bruce), they lost it in 2011 in a massive turn around for McGuinty’s “minister for wind mills” Carole Mitchell. She dropped by over 5700 votes between 2007-11 and this was due entirely to Liberal wind turbine development in Huron-Bruce. The citizens are attuned to the current environmental disaster, industrial wind plants. not the one from 14 years ago. Wynne’s message was strictly for her Tortonto supporters, Liberals chances in H-B, indeed all of rural Ont are zero for decades to come, because of their green energy fanaticism.

  6. Beachdude Says:

    As someone who lives in Ontario all I am hearing from people is that they do not like Wynne and this is from every walk of life and political party. The Liberal internal polls must be showing this also. The Walkerton scare is not new to us and a old favourite from the closet of ” Liberal scare tactics”. However they are playing this card very early in the election. On a side note I was laughing out loud a watching QP this morning when the “esteemed” panel where saying a Hudak win would hurt Harper, but last week they were saying a Wynne victory would help Justin….even the old dude Oliver predicting a Wynne Liberal MAJORITY!!!

  7. Sandy S. Says:

    Just wondering if there is any other cite re: funding cuts to the Walkerton centre as the Sun seems to be the only one to mention it.

  8. paulsstuff Says:

    I tweeted Sid Ryan asking for comment on Wynne cuts to water center. Won’t reply. Shows who is honest and who isn’t in Ontario politics.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Every Ontario reporter knows about it and if they aren’t in the pocket of the Liberals, will be savaging Wynne over it

  9. paulsstuff Says:

    Yep. When the lefties deny media bias, I think this story if not mentioned will illustrate that media bias is very much a reality.

  10. paulsstuff Says:

    And right on cue, not one journalist even mentioned it when asking Wynne questions at Ontario Place

  11. Liz J Says:

    Wynne’s Walkerton visit is the highlight of this campaign for most outrageous political stunt in memory. It was not only taking advantage of dead people, it was also rubbing salt into the wounds of all who lost loved ones over something that had nothing to do with politics.

    • Liz J Says:

      It’s also surprising anyone from that facility would agree to even be seen in her presence.

      • Sandy S. Says:

        I think a lot of people believe the crap put out about Hudak, either that or they are just completely brain dead. I’m thinking the latter because the http://www.threehundredeight.com/ polls have the Liberals catching up and leading.

        Actually that facility is just a training and demo centre, it’s not the water treatment plant, nevertheless, it’s pretty hard to believe that anyone would want such a corrupt regime in power again.

  12. CBC omits Ontario Liberal’s $1million funding cut at Walkerton Water | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

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