CBC omits Ontario Liberal’s $1million funding cut at Walkerton Water


In a lengthy article based on when Ontario Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne used the Walkerton Water facility as a backdrop to campaign on the graves those who died, CBC’s Robert Fisher doesn’t mention the 25% funding cuts (see here) that the Liberals implemented in 2011.

Her real purpose behind the visit was to deliver a message designed to draw attention to the 100,000-plus job cuts contained in the Hudak plan.

“Cuts have consequences; safe drinking water is not an optional service,” said the Liberal leader. Her comments quickly reached Hudak, who dropped his perpetual campaign smile to accuse Wynne of trying to score political points on the back of a tragedy. (see here)

I’ve asked Fisher about this omission and will update if he responds.


3 Responses to “CBC omits Ontario Liberal’s $1million funding cut at Walkerton Water”

  1. Liz J Says:

    I’m surprised at a seasoned journalist like Fisher not doing his homework on something that is key to this story. He’s reporting on a political story where Wynne was trying to make a point about cuts to funding as the reason for the tragedy when her party is guilty of the same. Surely Fisher will correct this obvious oversight on his part, if not we can assume he’s on the same agenda as his employer, skewer the Conservatives at every turn.

  2. Martin Says:

    Also omitted I’m sure is that Huron-Bruce is one of the hardest hit regions for Industrial wind plants in Ont. The former Agr minister was massively defeated last time around. A $1B Samsung wind plant started construction in Mar to go along with at least 4 others. Huron-Bruce is scorched earth territory for Liberals for years to come. Wynne keeps pushing wind development against strong local opposition throughout SW Ont. CBC however supports wind development.

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