My complaint filed with CBC Ombudsman on story’s omission of Ontario Liberal’s Walkerton funding cuts


Sent today to CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin based on this previous post (see here):

During the highly-charged, partisan climate of a provincial election campaign, it is critical for journalists to avoid any appearance of bias or unduly favourable coverage that would seek to promote the interests of one candidate or party over another. One of the most important ways journalists can uphold this standard, in turn, is to ensure whenever possible, all available facts on a controversial matter are fully reported, particularly when the controversy involves one candidate or politician making allegations of another’s past record or future agenda.

In a May 20, 2014 article by CBC commentator Robert Fisher, Mr. Fisher offers a lengthy analysis of the legacy of the Walkerton water plant scandal, and the challenge the issue presents for both the PC and Liberal parties’ electoral chances. Though the column makes mention of the fact that PC leader Tim Hudak “served as a loyal and enthusiastic member of cabinet” during the Harris years as a way of indicating Hudak’s connection to the government whose budget cuts some consider responsible for the Walkerton scandal, Mr. Fisher’s piece made no mention of the equally relevant fact that the Liberal government of which Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne was part cut funding for the Walkerton Clean Water Centre by $1 million in their 2011-2012 budget.

Since Mr. Fisher’s column is described on the CBC website as neutral “analysis,” and not partisan commentary, I believe it was inexcusable for the omission of the Liberal government’s $1 million cuts to the Walkerton facility in an article on the political impact of Walkerton on the provincial election.

I’ve asked Mr. Fisher about this omission yet received no reply and am making this complaint in order to compel the CBC to respond and explain.

Thank you.


Wynne campaigns alongside criminally charged Joe Fontana

wynne fontanna

Pizza manufacturer Dr. Oetker thought having the leader of a political party under criminal investigation for its role in deleting government computer hard drives and a mayor criminally charged for fraud at their grand opening photo-op was a good idea (see here).

And of course the Media Party look the other way.



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