Wynne campaigns alongside criminally charged Joe Fontana

wynne fontanna

Pizza manufacturer Dr. Oetker thought having the leader of a political party under criminal investigation for its role in deleting government computer hard drives and a mayor criminally charged for fraud at their grand opening photo-op was a good idea (see here).

And of course the Media Party look the other way.




12 Responses to “Wynne campaigns alongside criminally charged Joe Fontana”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Fontana and Wynne will be enjoying the pizza in the prison dining room soon enough.

  2. Paul Says:

    ’nuff said

  3. Martin Says:

    Ontario voters who rely on MM for their information, would have no way of knowing that Fontana is under indictment for fraud, So Wynne is perfectly protected to campaign beside him.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Fontana has been charged but nary a peep about him from the media maggots. Rob Ford has not been charged and the maggots can’t leave him alone.
    Not a smart move to have such a bunch of corrupt politicians at a ribbon cutting for any business during an election, especially this one.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      Birds of a feather, Liz J
      Media will provide the cover of the MM `cone of silence` just like the silence about the Liberals million dollar cuts at Waterton and the silence about the only robo call fine being on a Liberal.

  5. E Mac Says:

    The old “Birds of a feather” routine. Nothing new here.

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    The godfathers: Part 11

  7. oldwhiteguy Says:

    we will soon be able to say we are just like the americans.

  8. Joseph Says:

    Keepin it in da family.
    The libranos part II

  9. Clary Says:

    Boycott the company and let them know why. I have and did.

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