CBC didn’t notice protester on probation at Enbridge pipeline blockade?

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After watching a Sun News segment where host Ezra Levant and reporter Marissa Semkiw exposed professional anti-oil protester Trish Mills being at the latest Enbridge blockade while on probation for the same offence (see here), it got me wondering if the CBC (who Semkiw mentioned interviewing the protesters earlier) reported her being there as well.

And the answer (as if you were holding your breath) is no – even though Mills is certainly  shown in one of the photos posted on the CBC story:

trish mills cbc

Since there is no reporter’s byline included in the story (see here) I asked Hamilton CBC reporter Samantha Craggs who the reporter was.

Craggs did an interview with Mills after Mills was let off with a slap on the wrist for participating in the previous Enbridge blockade so is obviously familiar with the entire story:

Three other charges related to a skirmish during her August court appearance — assaulting a peace officer, obstructing a peace officer and causing a disturbance — were dropped.

It’s “the most lenient sentence” possible, said Justice Bernd Zabel, who heard Mills’s guilty plea Tuesday.

Under a conditional discharge, Mill will have no criminal record if she follows the terms of her probation. If Mills reoffends, the judge warned, she won’t get off so lightly.

 “This is a break you only get once from the courts,” he said. “If you come back before us in the future, you will not receive the same consideration.” (see here)

I also sent the same tweet to her Hamilton station’s official Twitter account and will update if I hear back.






2 Responses to “CBC didn’t notice protester on probation at Enbridge pipeline blockade?”

  1. Lore White Says:

    Didn’t our government pass a law that you cannot cover your face while protesting? I watched that Sun News segment last night, and was appalled at the way the reporter and cameraman were treated. The protesters could be charged with assault. I congratulate the Sun news reporter and camera man for being persistent and taking all the crap they did. The video of Trisha Mills should be sent to the Judge and ask him if this what his lieniency meant.

    • Alain Says:

      Spot on. It is disgusting that other than SNN we are fed the baldface lie of these protests being grassroots.

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