Ottawa City Hall proudly displaying art work that glorifies terrorists

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Just when you think politicians and bureaucrats couldn’t get any more disgusting, along comes Ottawa City mayor Jim Watson and his deputy city manager Steve Kanellakos:

The City of Ottawa has no plans to remove an exhibit at City Hall, despite the Israeli ambassador’s claim it glorifies terrorism.

Ambassador Rafael Barak told QMI Agency the exhibit exalts people who murdered innocent Jews.

The artwork is so offensive to Barak that he met with Mayor Jim Watson to discuss the exhibit.

The Jewish Federation of Ottawa asked the mayor to remove it.

But the deputy city manager said the city isn’t embarrassed by the exhibit and has no plans to take it down.

The exhibit booklet says the projections – which are flashed quickly on the wall making their written descriptions difficult to read – are of “lost artists, activists, writers and leaders.”

The exhibit doesn’t mention, however, that several of the faces belong to people who committed heinous crimes against Jews.

The pictures include the face of Abu Lyad, a man widely believed to have founded the Black September terrorist group, which murdered 11 Israeli athletes and officials at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

Also projected on the wall is the face of Dalal Mughrabi, who participated in a 1978 bus hijacking in Israel that killed 38 people including many children.

At least five other people projected on the gallery wall are associated with terrorism, Barak said.

Deputy city manager Steve Kanellakos said the art displayed in the City Hall gallery is chosen by a panel of local artists, independent of elected officials and city staff.

He said city politicians shouldn’t be in the business of choosing what art is displayed in the city gallery.

“I think it’s dangerous when (our personal) opinions can influence what is going to be shown in a public space,” Kanellakos said.

He said the city’s legal team vetted the artwork and decided removing the display would violate the artist’s charter rights “and we’re not going to break the law.” (see here)

Bin Laden portrait next?





5 Responses to “Ottawa City Hall proudly displaying art work that glorifies terrorists”

  1. Lorne Russell Says:

    “He said the city’s legal team vetted the artwork and decided removing the display would violate the artist’s charter rights” What charter rights? Is he and his legal team daffy? Is everything a right now as soon as some politician says it is?

  2. Jen Says:

    I guess in one hand it is disgusting to show those artworks. On the other hand, it shows us as a reminder of the barbaric crimes committed on innocent people by those terrorists. The artist/s should explain in detail description the meaning behind his artwork.

  3. Liz J Says:

    It figures, no surprise, the Mayor is a Liberal through and through so parroting Charter rights is his shtick. Apparently only some people have the right to offend, those being offended can just suck it up if they happen to be a Christian or a Jew, displaying anything even mentioning Mohamed no matter how obliquely could result in threats to their lives. So does this mean the Liberal Charter backs them up?

    Another example of the Charter’s eventual destruction of all this country stands for, freedom and equality for all under the law in a democratic system. It’s gotta go, we need to hope the Harper Conservatives have some plan to fix this abominable document and scrap multiculturalism, it’s killing the country slowly, bit by bit and attracting factions from around the world who are not our friends and want to destroy our way of life.

    • Guffman Says:

      Well stated.
      Out of all the different kinds of art they could show, they have to go with something like this. And who knows how much they’re paying for this display? Knowing Jim Watson and the rest of the Liberal clowns down there, probably in the tens of thousands.

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