Same PR firm backing Jim Prentice was behind fake robocall protests


Alberta PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice definitely does not want the dirty secret of how the PR firm Navigator Ltd deeply tied to him (see here) was working secretly to undermine the Conservative Party of Canada.


The fact Prentice wouldn’t want well-known is that Navigator’s Senior Partner Robin Sears was directing LeadNow’s online petition drive that ginned-up 40,000 robocall complaints (see here) and which Elections Canada pointed out in its investigation:

But while the agency got more than 40,000 messages about the misleading and nuisance calls, the investigation found 96 per cent of them came through Lead Now, an organization that asked concerned voters to sign a petition.

In all, 39,350 of the more than 40,000 “communications” with Elections Canada were from people expressing “their profound dissatisfaction with inappropriate calls​,” the report said, and not from people who received the calls. (see here)

Federal Conservative supporters in Alberta need to fully know the players who are in Prentice’s backroom and demand they come clean about their involvement in trying to take down Stephen Harper in such a dishonest way.



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