NDP MP posts photo depicting Harper driving over and killing Canada Post worker


NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice put this picture  on Instagram with the caption “Quand on laisse le volant a Harper” which I translate it to be “When Harper is behind the wheel”.


Boulerice is the same MP who has in the past supported the fringe-Left separatist party Quebec Solidaire (see here) and called WWI veterans “butchers” (see here).

h/t Hankers



CBC budget cuts: Story and photos of large women’s near-naked butts

cbc butt

Because the mandate of the CBC in using $1.1billion of your taxdollars every year is to feature up-close photos of American women’s rear-ends posing in their underwear:

Love them or hate them, butt selfies (or “belfies,” as they’re often called) have reached full-blown trend status in recent months, with thousands of women now uploading photos of their own derrières to Instagram daily. (see here)

cbc butt

Defund the CBC, now!

h/t Melissa Ridgen

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