Massive political scandal involving CTV’s Don Martin

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I’m trying to think of another political scandal involving a Canadian political journalist that was bigger than the one CTV Power Play host Don Martin is currently embroiled in.

It’s a fairly complex case but CBC’s Charles Rusnell does a great job explaining what has been alleged and what has now been proven – it basically boils down to this:

1) Arthur Kent was seeking a AB PC nomination but had spoken out against then leader Ed Stelmach

2) As revenge, Stelmach wanted Kent to lose nomination

3) Kent’s lawyer (whose firm was tied to PC Party) colluded with PC insiders to leak damaging false info to then National Post reporter Don Martin

4) Kent finally forced the AB Law Society to finally hear the case against lawyer which found her guilty of breaching confidentiality and covering-it up

5) criminal charges may still be forthcoming against Kent’s former lawyer and civil lawsuits against PC party officials, Don Martin, Canwest (now Postmedia) and the National Post are still going through the courts

Topping the article off were emails between Martin and the lawyer which showing some serious lack of professionalism and assuredly damaging for the ongoing civil suits:

“I see the death spiral for (Arthur Kent) continues? Any more dirt? Column runs tomorrow. Hugs. (Don). (see here)

How Martin could keep his job at CTV after this would be mind-boggling.

Also: For further reading, Arthur Kent posted a lengthy run-down on his bog site in 2011 here



Globe columnist lets cat out of bag about CBC Peter Mansbridge’s salary?


Ignoring the lame Nixon/Harper comparison and bizarre defense of a supposed CBC competitor writing a column supporting it, what caught my eye was the Globe and Mail Lawrence Martin mentioning what he thought CBC’s Peter Mansbridge was making:

Parliamentary committee members are currently pursuing Peter Mansbridge and other CBC executives for salary details. If market value means anything, they might consider that the big U.S. news honchos make $10-million to $20-million. Mr. Mansbridge, who probably makes 10 per cent of that, is just as good or better. (see here)

Now, don’t get me started on the idiocy of comparing salaries of a Canadian taxpayer-subsidized news organization to those privately owned in the US but I guarantee even Mansbridge’s supporters would have a hard time stomaching him making $2 million a year.

Keep in mind that Mansbridge went out of his way to defend Martin when untruths were discovered in his book “Harperland” (see here) – can’t wait to hear what he has to say now.

Also: See earlier post on the CBC hiding Mansbridge’s salary from the Senate here

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