Globe columnist lets cat out of bag about CBC Peter Mansbridge’s salary?


Ignoring the lame Nixon/Harper comparison and bizarre defense of a supposed CBC competitor writing a column supporting it, what caught my eye was the Globe and Mail Lawrence Martin mentioning what he thought CBC’s Peter Mansbridge was making:

Parliamentary committee members are currently pursuing Peter Mansbridge and other CBC executives for salary details. If market value means anything, they might consider that the big U.S. news honchos make $10-million to $20-million. Mr. Mansbridge, who probably makes 10 per cent of that, is just as good or better. (see here)

Now, don’t get me started on the idiocy of comparing salaries of a Canadian taxpayer-subsidized news organization to those privately owned in the US but I guarantee even Mansbridge’s supporters would have a hard time stomaching him making $2 million a year.

Keep in mind that Mansbridge went out of his way to defend Martin when untruths were discovered in his book “Harperland” (see here) – can’t wait to hear what he has to say now.

Also: See earlier post on the CBC hiding Mansbridge’s salary from the Senate here


5 Responses to “Globe columnist lets cat out of bag about CBC Peter Mansbridge’s salary?”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Lawrence, aka “Lorry” Martin to his Liberal pals, makes my skin crawl like so many more of the same ilk. He and Mansbridge are in the “birds of a feather” category, patting each other on the back or lower….at least we still have choices, we can tune them out.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    I for one still want to know how much Peter Mandsbridge’s is.
    It is paid by my tax dollars, I have a right to know.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed Dean as we have seen it isn’t the salary, it is the “bonuses” and expensiing everything from the tea and muffin to the 25 cent parking fee.
    I always wondered if Saint Jack expensed his Shiatsu treatments at the “Velvet Touch”.
    Details, details, a wedding reception, oops a meeting, really adds up after a while.
    Unfortunately if it is a Liberal or NDP’er it just does not seem to hold the media attention for very long.
    I am guessing Mr Mandsbridge “News Reader for the Liberals” pulls down 1 to to million a year.

  4. morri Says:

    look at don cherry’s salary with the cbc and you will get some idea where mansbridge might be.

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