CBC fed Canadian Press reporter letter to attack Conservatives


A red flag shot up in my head when I saw this story by Canadian Press’ Dean Beeby:

The Conservative party’s public attacks on the CBC have been “wilfully destructive” and undermine its independence, says a newly uncovered letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper from the broadcaster’s Tory-appointed former chair (see here)

Call me paranoid but I get very suspicious when a reporter suddenly ‘discovers’ a 4 year old letter that just happens to slam the Conservatives – tell me someone at the CBC didn’t feed this to Beeby.

And I wasn’t the only one who noticed as Sun’s Mark Dunn notes:

The Canadian Press said the letter was released last month under access to information, but didn’t explain whether it filed the request or was given the document.

Its disclosure comes at a time CBC loyalists and opposition MPs have been bemoaning budget cuts and the significant loss of advertising revenues. (see here)

As did Sun News’ Brian Lilley who rips CP and CBC (see video here).

The CBC is playing a dangerous game feeding anti-Conservative stories to other news orgs’ reporters because if they get caught, they are toast – that would be all it would take to get their funding pulled.


3 Responses to “CBC fed Canadian Press reporter letter to attack Conservatives”

  1. Guffman Says:

    “The Conservative party’s public attacks on the CBC have been “wilfully destructive” ”
    What about the CBC’s attacks on the Conservative party for the last decade? Are they not also “wilfully destructive”??
    Pull CBC’s funding NOW.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Firstly the government has every right to criticize the state broadcaster, call them on issues as they arise, it’s the responsible thing to do.
    The Conservatives have not been treating the CBC in the manner they had become accustomed to under decades of Liberal rule, no free liquid lunches, no free scoops. No government should be sucking up to the state broadcaster in return for good press, it’s their job is to report the news raw, free of spin and use their allotted money from our tax coffers wisely.
    Presently the CBC is off the rails, the government needs to make a decision but don’t hold your breath.

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