While Harper commits $3.5billion to save 3rd World children, Macleans’ Paul Wells has hissy fit

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In what was an amazingly good news announcement from PM Stephen Harper that Canada will pledge $3.5 billion to the United Nation’s in order to “improve maternal, newborn and child health care in the poorest, crisis-ridden countries” (see Star editorial)  Macleans’ Paul Wells writes about, the Media Party:

Here’s the page of information for reporters at the “Saving Every Woman, Every Child” summit Stephen Harper’s government is running in Toronto. Highlights:

“Media representatives may consult liaison officers at the Media Centre information desk for all their needs. Officers may travel with media representatives in some instances.” In practice, this turns out to mean that reporters are being escorted to toilets like three-year-olds.

“Media accreditation will allow access to the media centre and media activities. However, some events will be accessible only through restricted pool coverage.” In practice, this means that reporters are being kept for extended periods in a “media centre” to which no images or audio from the conference floor is transmitted. And they are not permitted to leave it. While it is true that “some events” are accessible only through pools — one or two reporters whose accounts of activities are shared with all interested colleagues — it is also true that most events aren’t accessible at all. 

And you know what? All they had to do was tell us. If there had just been a line on the website that said, “NOTE: Reporters will not be permitted to cover most of this conference, even if they show up,” Maclean’s would not have darkened their door. We’ve got better ways to stay busy.

Wells apparently makes the decisions for Macleans on boycotting events based on his 2nd hand perceptions of access issues – I wonder if Macleans’ owners Rogers Media are aware of his editorial power? Think about the amount of arrogance it takes to declare something like that.

And instead of mentioning the reaction and support of Harper’s announcement from Bill Gate’s wife Melinda:


Wells whines about access again:

The entire afternoon program was going to be off-limits today until a few of us made some fuss on Twitter and reporters were permitted to hear Melinda Gates speak.

But the icing on the cake is Wells informing us Conservatives that the guy who took us to government and won the last 3 consecutive elections is ruining our party because he’s not nice to the Press Gallery:

Now he’s done it again, picking a fight we weren’t interested in, for no reason. Harper’s instincts are sometimes really bad, and when his latest advisers let those instincts win, reporters are the least of their problems. Their problem is Stephen Harper. (see here)

This of course is only in Wells’ creepily vicious, self-centered Harper-Derangement plagued world – in the real one, peoples’ lives are being saved.


19 Responses to “While Harper commits $3.5billion to save 3rd World children, Macleans’ Paul Wells has hissy fit”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Journalosers like Wells are pissed because they were barred from the buffet table

  2. Stan Says:

    Would you let Paul Wells go potty by himself?
    I’d think twice about that unless you have a very understanding maid service…

  3. Stan Says:

    So a reporter, who is supposed to be good at fact finding and such, is miffed because he was too inept to find out the details of the event?

  4. morri Says:

    while I feel terribly and awfully concerned about the plight of everyone in the world, I hope the government is not borrowing the money and that 3.5 billion will be spent to make sure Canadians come first.

  5. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    The usual suspects of the MSM simply can’t hack the notion that not everyone else thinks they’re anywhere near as important as they regard themselves. Even worse, having a PM who, when they say jump, doesn’t immediately ask, “How high?”

    • BC Blue Says:

      Exactly, Wells can’t stand the fact Harper doesn’t care what he thinks.

      • tim Says:

        Maybe if Wells and the rest of the Media ***** spent less time kissing Liberal behinds at the expense of the truth, the situation might be different. But Wells and co. have nobody to blame but themselves.

      • Liz J Says:

        That’s what really gets Wells’ knickers all knotted. Harper really is a cool headed guy who calmly goes on with the important job he does so well, as Kipling wrote in the first line of IF…”If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…..”, he certainly does that well, knocks the media off their hobby horses.

  6. Paul Says:

    Personally I love the fact our PM doesn’t give a flying fig what Wells and his ilk have to say.
    Just an Ottawa insider trying to make himself relevant.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Gee something happened and Mr Wells and co were not needed or wanted.
    Nobody noticed or cared.
    Macleans, the CBC, Canada Post, going the way of the buggy whip factory.

  8. Martin Says:

    $3.5 B commitment to maternal, new born and child health care, and the hysterical headline still up at CBC site: “Harper won’t fund abortion globally”
    The liberal feminist agenda promoters there seem obtuse to the fact that large parts of the targeted area has deeply religious, cultural and legal objections to the practice. The same people who would be horrified were Cristian missionary methods used to advance this aid, are comfortable with using a liberal political approach to force their own viewpoint. It seems impossible for the commentators at CBC to report positively on any story involving PMSH. Were the PM to announce a cure for cancer tomorrow, CBC would decry the fact that it did nothing for TB rates in isolated northern communities.

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    Exactly! PM Harpers contempt for the media is well known and may I add well deserved.
    The Wynn Liberals have been found out in a perhaps 400 million dollar real estate scandal.
    Will Media give this scandal 44 X the 90,000 dollar so called scandal of the taxpayers actually getting their money back?
    Then of course there is robo-call which generated 3,581 stories according to SNN
    Consider gentle reader
    Pythagoras theorem 24 words
    Lords Prayer 66 words
    Archimeda’s principle 67 words
    Ten commandents 179 words
    Now if each of these “articles” referencing Robo-calls as a Conservative scandal were 500 words that would be 1,905,500 words.
    About. Nothing. At. All.
    I am not aware of how many Duffy articles were written by Media but I would say 10 for every dollar paid back to the taxpayer would be an estimate worth considering.
    Surely this is Canadian Media seeking to replicate the Infinite Monkey theorem.

  10. mahmood Says:

    I recall on the old *Shotgun Site* a character *old squid* sent Wells into berserk orbit. Funny as hell but says a lot about this Wells character…or a lack thereof.

  11. Clary Says:

    What’s a Macleans magazine? And why should I care?

  12. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    I could put up with Macleans left wing bias until they hired Aaron Wherry.

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