Bob Rae flies Desmond Tutu into Ft McMurray to trash oil sands

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It’s bad enough that when celebrities like Neil Young come to Canada to bash our oil sands and CBC employees like David Suzuki lend a hand (see here) but when prominent Liberals are behind undermining this Alberta industry, it’s a massive political scandal:

The South African Anglican Archbishop is in Fort McMurray for a two-day conference on aboriginal rights and climate change. The conference has been organized by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the Toronto-based law firm Olthuis Kleer Townshend. (see here)

What Sun’s Vincent McDermott somehow missed in his story was Liberal Bob Rae is a senior partner at Olthuis Kleer Townshend:


The previous leader of the Liberal Party is helping destroy one of Canada’s most important industries – media firestorm for Trudeau coming, right?




20 Responses to “Bob Rae flies Desmond Tutu into Ft McMurray to trash oil sands”

  1. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    What is Boob up to..?..building his bona fides for ring of fire negotiations?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Is Rae one of Trudeau’s secret advisers? Put Rae, Tutu and Bugs Suzuki in a room full of real scientists and watch them squirm for answers.

    The Reverend Tutu should have plenty to do in his own country, something more tangible than coming here lecturing to us. If Canada doesn’t continue to develop the oil sands we’ll not be able to toss money off to aid third world people about which Tutu knows plenty about.

    Goodnight Desmond. Goodnight Bob. Goodnight David, party’s over.

  3. Jen Says:

    Shut down the oilsands and the law firm will lose money and go bankrupt. People will have no money to even afford bread far less a lawyer.

    • Lore White Says:

      Very true Jen. I would love to see Alberta pocket all the money for 6 months and not share with anybody in Canada or the world.(give it back after 6 months) Bet there would be an attitude adjustment. The whole economy in Canada and the world would realize just how much the world depends on the oil sands.

      • Jen Says:

        I agree. let law firm wealthy lawyers depend on Quebec’s and Ontario’s income for survival.
        Nigeria is missing 300 + students and women are stoned to death in India and instead of Tutu doing his job to help locate the girls by praying, he is here discussing issues he has no idea of. I wonder how SA treat their minority- it can’t be as good as our own aboriginals.

  4. Jen Says:

    Desmond Tute when asked to come to Canada to ‘BASH’ THE VERY ECONOMY THAT KEEPS THIS COUNTRY RUNNING, SHOULD HAVE realized that he was been played used therefore REFUSED. How would he want a Canadian to go South Africa to ‘BASH’ its economy that feeds the S. AFRICANS. This question should be put to him in twitter or on facebook.

    Bob Rae and company better be careful for what they wish for; they probably would get it personally- their ‘FIRM’ might lose money and clients-clients who rely on the income from the oilsands

  5. Joe Says:

    Sometimes people mention “Nobel Laureates” as though they can walk on water. I hear “Nobel Laureates” and I think of Obama and Tutu and I laugh and laugh and laugh. Useful (f)tools is about all I can call them.

  6. Martin Says:

    Desmond TuTu is one of those people who has enjoyed his 15 minutes and it is time to move on. He was speaking in Ottawa 2 weeks ago about Canada’s moral duty to oppose oil sands pipelines. I had to look up where he was from, and what struggle he had been involved in. It is no way whatever relates to energy policies or how Canada determines our extraction of natural resources. To be blunt about it, Tutu has no credentials whatever to speak on the subject. Like an aging rock star or Hollywood actress, he should really find something positive to do in his retirement. Canadian media should simply ignore him, instead of giving him a pulpit to speak from.

  7. Manitoba Fay Says:

    Next up! Bob Rae will be inviting Obama to lecture Canada about the scary oil sands in 2017 after his presidency is over.

  8. Jen Says:

    What about all those wealthy clients of Bob Rae’s who have investments in the oilsands. Should they move their business to a more staunch Canadian law firm that do indeed support the economy of Canada.

  9. Beachdude Says:

    Would Rae’s involvement with regards of this visit be a proper question for Justin to answer? Hopefully the Sun will ask JT because the media party will not, this I am sure of.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Tutu has so many more ways to help his own country besides coming here interfering with our economic welfare which is our own damned business as responsible people. We can thank the freaking “First Nations”/Indian activists for stirring up opposition anywhere they can find it, lots of our money to travel their fat arses around the world to complain about our country in which they live tax free. They all should be ashamed of themselves. People like Rae should know better but he’s still in search of his big claim to fame. As Premier of Ontario he was and abject failure, he lost his dream to become leader of the LPC and now he has another mission to kill the engine that’s keeping our economy the envy of the industrialized world. Then there’s Paul Martin, out to save the Indians from themselves or something, after his Kelowna Accord was cobbled up at the end of his failed term as PM……one could go on and on… much stupidity it’s hard to figure we’ve made it this far, I’m sure our Forefathers would be astounded at what’s going on.

    • ohboy Says:

      Bob Rae is a socialist,(to the core), and Paul Martin is a fool…
      Both are failed leaders
      There fixed that !

  11. Bubba Brown Says:

    I remember Ronnie Reagan coming from a one on one with TuTu, when asked how it went he grinned and said “So-So”.
    TuTu is an international Sharpton always knows just what everyone else should or shouldn’t be doing.
    Outrage for hire.
    It’s not like South Africa has no problems, right?
    It was TuTu that said “Jews thought they had a monopoly on God”
    Perfect companion for Boob Rae and his “warriors”
    He can join the line that forms on the left alll the rent seekers, bought and paid for lobby-nobbys flying up here on big-ass jets to tell us not to develop our resources.
    Don’t seem to have a problem accepting our aid dollars though, hypocracys finist hour JMO.

  12. Alain Says:

    Excuse me but of what exactly is Tutu an expert? The answer is absolutely nothing. Boob Rae is Boob Rae and therefore always seeking a better seat on the public gravy train. Some would call him a political whore, but I’ll leave that for others to decide.

  13. Bubba Brown Says:

    This is chilling and not for the faint of heart.
    This comes under the heading of “Black people cannot be racist.”
    The crumbling mess that is South Africa leaves Bishop TuTu no pulpit to critize Canada or Canadians.
    While his hand is held by Bob Rae former Liberal Leader.
    worth a read IMO
    I have friends who fled SA they are now Canadians, good people.

    • Lore White Says:

      I feel very much like you. Having heard many stories of what happens from friends and aquaintances from SA it is time to run. A
      nd while we are at it, why not withdraw all of our monies we send SA.. If he wants to ‘BASH’ Canada, the let Canada cut off the funds…

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. Bob Rae’s buddy Desmond Tutu called murderer Omar Khadr while in AB | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] bringing in Desmond Tutu to smear Alberta’s oil sands (see here), Liberal Bob Rae gave Tutu the opportunity to promote the murderous terrorist Omar Khadr in the […]

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