Click-rate journalism: Why attacking Peter MacKay’s wife was cheered by Media Party

mcgregor maher

For a perfect insight into the level of ethics in today’s Canadian journalism are these two tweets from Postmedia’s Stephen Maher on why it was perfectly acceptable for the Globe’s Leah McLaren (see here) to personally attack Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay:

mackay mahermaher mackay

Because the Canadian media is in such dire financial straits, cockroach-journalism is now something to be held-up, admired and of course copied.

Maher is saying the media worms and snakes are the new standard.


Photo: Trudeau poses with Pride participant mocking Catholic priests


Seriously, does Liberal leader Justin Trudeau have an ounce of judgment?

h/t Domenic Vetro

Also: Remember, Trudeau sat beside child porn charged Benjamin Levin at last year’s Pride Parade (see here)

Liberal Party riding president states PM Stephen Harper is identical to murderous Vladimir Putin

koury 4

A perfect example of how the Liberal Party of Canada has turned into the twin of the Lunatic Left NDP under Justin Trudeau is this from the (provincial) President of Antigonish Liberal Association, Joseph Khoury:


To which I gave him a chance to back-track but instead Khoury doubled-down:

khoury 1And to make this vileness even more repugnant:

khoury 2

Tell me Khoury isn’t repeating this insane hatred of his to St. Francis Xavier students.

I’ve asked the incoming Xavier President, Kent MacDonald to comment on the appropriateness of Khoury calling Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister an “ass” and comparing Canada’s PM to murderous Putin and will update if he responds.

Joseph Khoury says Trudeau gives Canadians some hope that they have been lacking.

Also: Khoury April 16, 2013:

“Most important for me, as a teacher, he gives hope to the young voters … I don’t think there are very many politicians right now that give that kind of hope to young Canadians,” he said.

Khoury said students tell him that they don’t feel engaged and politicians are indifferent to the demographic.

“Trudeau gives them that kind of hope, and if it means they’ll vote then that’s the greatest gift he can bestow on this country.” (see here)

Update: Xavier University is quite the hotbed of Liberal activism:

Randy Delorey Liberal MLA for Antigonish “He is a former professor in the Faculty of Business at St. Francis Xavier University” (see here)

I’ve asked DeLorey if he will be demanding Khoury apologise and will update if he responds.

BC NDP MLA supports Nanaimo council banning Leadercast event – compares them to “Klu Klux Clan”

Doug Routley

A Nanaimo blog (see here) has verified this statement from BC NDP MLA Doug Routley on Nanaimo city council banning a Leadercast event over religious bias:

Would you accept a convention sponsored by the Klu Klux Clan?

The sponsors have attempted to overturn the Human Rights Act protected rights of a group based on their identity. Ezra Levant and Sun are the worst example of extremist media in Canada, as evidenced by their spin that Nanaimo banned Christians.

Levant appears to pass up no opportunity to foment division and undermine progressive Canadian values. He seems determined to “Americanize” Canadian politics and social discourse to the detriment of all of us.

Free speech is not without responsibility and the sponsors of that convention who have attacked the rights of Canadians now, ironically, challenge the decision of Council by invoking rights protected under the same act. This is a sad perversion of the intent of our Charter.

Do Christians feel comfortable being identified alongside the bigoted sponsors? I suspect that those who object to the decision of Council have never been chased down an alley or beaten in a school yard because of who they are. Kudos to the City Council of Nanaimo.

Doug Routley

Looking forward to seeing how new BC NDP leader John Horgan deals with this nutbar within his caucus.


Parliamentary Press Gallery member runs ad calling Canadian right-wingers “Neanderthals”

stanford rabble

Yup, this is from an actually accredited member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery (see here).

h/t Rob Rheaume

Also: See earlier post on union front-man Jim Stanford giving cash prizes to Media Party journalists here

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