Ontario Police union openly campaigning against Hudak and PCs


People in Ontario who have PC elections signs on their lawns may want to remove them before calling the OPP to report a crime after this press release was sent out  by their union:

“There is no room for the divisive “Tea Party” style politics that Mr. Hudak would bring to Ontario. From what we have seen during his past as Leader of the Opposition through to the illogical present day promise to fire one hundred thousand people to try and create one million jobs, it is clear that Mr. Hudak subscribes to the far right wing teachings that have led to chaos in the “Right to Work” states south of the border.” (see here)

Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

Update: This screenshot was taken from one of the ads run by the union:

opp union

Assume this is an actor and not an actual OPP member in his service uniform getting out of an issued patrol cruiser?

Update: Sun’s Christina Blizzard fills in some blanks for us

– president Jim Christie confirmed there are real cops in the ads – and a real OPP cruiser

– Toronto lawyer said he believes the ads are illegal and may contravene the Public Service of Ontario Act

– Christie “We’ve donated to campaigns, we’ve attended fundraisers, we’ve gone to leaders’ dinners, we’ve supported golf tournaments” (see here)

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