When will OPP fire officer for appearing in uniform during anti-Hudak ad?

opp union

The Ontario Provincial Police owe it to the public to the name the officer who appeared in his union’s anti-PC ads (see here) and then, they must remove him from the force.

How many people has this officer pulled-over who advertise on their vehicles that they support the PCs?

Least now we know why this guy hasn’t been caught by the OPP:

pc sign stealer

Update: Turns out the footage was used by the union without authorization:

OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes says footage used in an Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) attack ad against Tory Leader Tim Hudak was improper and not permissible.

The commissioner said he outlined his concerns personally Thursday to Jim Christie, president of the OPPA. He also issued a directive about the issue to 8,000 OPP officers.

“I did meet with Jim Christie and discussed the memo I sent internally — (regarding) members involved in political activity — and that he does not have permission to use OPP images for any political agenda,” Hawkes said. “The OPP footage used was from another joint project that was authorized for that purpose only.” (see here)


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