What the Canadian media doesn’t want you to know – their union is campaigning against Hudak


In light of the Ontario Police union openly campaigning against the PCs (see here) what also needs to be exposed is that many journalists covering this election are also funding political attacks against them as well:

Unifor kicked off  a Southern Ontario ad campaign Monday, denouncing Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and his opposition to government subsidies for Chrysler Group’s multibillion-dollar investment at its plants in Windsor and Brampton. (see here)

What the reporter doesn’t mention of course is that Unifor represents many in the Canadian media like Bell Canada which owns CTV and the Globe and Mail.

And besides the ads, their president Jerry Dias is given op-ed space in the Star to bash PC leader Tim Hudak during the election:

If Tim Hudak becomes premier, Ontario will see unprecedented job cuts, health-care cuts, education cuts and the decimation of workers’ rights.

For those who value decent jobs, good health care, strong communities and a bright, stable future for our children, the primary objective in this election must be to keep Hudak from becoming premier. (see here)

And here’s a photo of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau chumming it up with Dias:

trudeau unifor diasJust don’t ever expect the Media Party to come clean on their dirty, dirty secret.





6 Responses to “What the Canadian media doesn’t want you to know – their union is campaigning against Hudak”

  1. Clary Says:

    At least in the comments section, the readers aren’t buying the union bozos BS.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Kathleen Wynne is visiting an Ottawa riding today and has a meeting with the Shiny Pony as well. Talk about stacking the decks against the PC’s at every level. Appears they’re all part of the political corruption team. What else can we take from it when unions support a scandal ridden, corrupt government who toady to their demands?

  3. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    This is absurd.
    Hudak isn’t planning to cut the Media Party jobs.
    They are doing that to themselves.
    And for those who value good health care just look at the Liberals record on health care management.

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Ontario journalists issue press release attacking Tim Hudak through their union | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] the union representing journalists and other media workers (see here) has now openly called for its members to not vote for the Ontario […]

  6. Dave B. Says:

    Kind of a “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” sort of scenario. I mean everyone knows the main stream media are bleeding badly. Revenues are shrinking. Their survival hinges on supporting the Liberals. When the time comes to close down newspapers, the Liberals will step in and subsidize these “important Canadian institutions”. As part of the Parties Propaganda arm, the Liberals will make sure they don’t fail.

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