NDP MP criminally charged by police


Between getting caught mailing out propaganda that broke the House rules (see here), lying about obtaining permission to set-up satellite offices (see here), having one of their MPs being charged by the police has made for a rough time as of late for the NDP:

Manon Perreault, a New Democrat MP from Quebec, has been suspended from her party’s caucus after criminal charges were laid against her, the party confirmed in a statement today.

The MP for the riding of Montcalm was charged today with falsely accusing someone of theft and misleading police.

According to court documents, Perreault called police to report a crime on Jan. 21 of this year in Mascouche, Que., which is where her riding office is located.

After an investigation, it is Perreault now facing three charges of public mischief for having falsely reported a crime, falsely accusing someone of stealing, and “committing an act intended to cause another person to be suspected of having committed a crime that she did not, in this case: theft.” (see here)

I do so love when the sanctimonious NDP get exposed for being hypocrites.



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