Macleans’ Feschuk smears Harper as “rage-prone” – nothing on ex-boss Paul Martin’s well-known temper


As Liberal PM Paul Martin’s former chief speech writer, there’s no way Macleans’ Scott Feschuk doesn’t know about Martin’s notorious temper tirades:

Martin was able to dominate the department through his fiery temper. He was known to have lashed out at aides. (see here)


He also has a reputation for verbally berating underlings who failed to respond to such directives. His staff called the routine incidents “beatings,” and most bore them like badges of honour. But at least one victim subsequently offered to resign. Martin responded in shock. He had no idea how deeply his tantrums caused others to suffer. (see here)

macleans feschuk

But of course Feschuk didn’t mention a word about Martin in his sneering column about PM Stephen Harper where he quotes disgruntled Tom Flanagan:

Flanagan goes on to claim that Harper at times falls “into week-long depressions in which he is incapable of making decisions.’’ So basically, he’s Nixon without the charisma, or Hamlet with more hmm.

Not only is there no proof Harper suffers from depression, Feschuk also adds the Nixon comparison for good measure.

Then he quotes criminally charged Bruce Carson who had the RCMP called on him by Harper’s people:

Bruce Carson, a senior aide from 2004 to 2009, said the PM is becoming increasingly isolated and is prone to losing his temper and shouting profanity at underlings.

Yup, no axe to grind there…

And when quoting Gerry Nichols who says he never saw any of this type of behaviour:

Gerry Nicholls—who worked closely with Harper a number of years ago—tried to defend the PM, saying, “Only once did I see him erupt at somebody, and he later told me it was just an act. He was trying to send that person a message.”

Dismisses it as a lie and equates it to racism:

Riiiight—the old “I was totally just kidding about having an inherently volcanic nature” excuse. I believe that’s the “I have a black friend” of temper denial. (see here)

I sent the above quotes and links about Martin to Feschuk and asked him to explain why he omitted it and will update if he replies.



Bob Rae’s buddy Desmond Tutu called murderer Omar Khadr while in AB


Besides bringing in Desmond Tutu to smear Alberta’s oil sands (see here), Liberal Bob Rae gave Tutu the opportunity to promote the murderous terrorist Omar Khadr in the fawning media:

After a press conference on Friday May 30, Tutu found a quiet corner and placed a phone call to Bowden prison where Omar Khadr, 27, held in Guantanamo prison for 10 years, was waiting.

sheila pratt

And the Edmonton Journal’s political feature writer Sheila Pratt takes full advantage to show her Khadr-love:

Guantánamo prison in Cuba, a place of torture where prisoners have no legal rights

The prison, Tutu has said, has disturbing similarities to draconian powers wielded by white police under apartheid when blacks were held without charges, were abused and some died in prison in South Africa.

While giving Khadr’s lawyer ample space to spread his propaganda:

They are both men of faith, and the older Tutu could provide moral support to the young man who has been in prison since he was 15 when he was picked up in Afghanistan after a battle with U.S. soldiers, Edney said.

“Omar was delighted and honoured to speak to such a statesman,” Edney said. “The conversation was a spiritual discussion between them that helped to further strengthen Omar’s belief in humanity, notwithstanding all he has suffered.” (see here)

That Pratt’s editor allowed this garbage to run tells you everything you need to know about the Edmonton Journal – and don’t get me started on Bob Rae.

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