Bob Rae’s buddy Desmond Tutu called murderer Omar Khadr while in AB


Besides bringing in Desmond Tutu to smear Alberta’s oil sands (see here), Liberal Bob Rae gave Tutu the opportunity to promote the murderous terrorist Omar Khadr in the fawning media:

After a press conference on Friday May 30, Tutu found a quiet corner and placed a phone call to Bowden prison where Omar Khadr, 27, held in Guantanamo prison for 10 years, was waiting.

sheila pratt

And the Edmonton Journal’s political feature writer Sheila Pratt takes full advantage to show her Khadr-love:

Guantánamo prison in Cuba, a place of torture where prisoners have no legal rights

The prison, Tutu has said, has disturbing similarities to draconian powers wielded by white police under apartheid when blacks were held without charges, were abused and some died in prison in South Africa.

While giving Khadr’s lawyer ample space to spread his propaganda:

They are both men of faith, and the older Tutu could provide moral support to the young man who has been in prison since he was 15 when he was picked up in Afghanistan after a battle with U.S. soldiers, Edney said.

“Omar was delighted and honoured to speak to such a statesman,” Edney said. “The conversation was a spiritual discussion between them that helped to further strengthen Omar’s belief in humanity, notwithstanding all he has suffered.” (see here)

That Pratt’s editor allowed this garbage to run tells you everything you need to know about the Edmonton Journal – and don’t get me started on Bob Rae.


13 Responses to “Bob Rae’s buddy Desmond Tutu called murderer Omar Khadr while in AB”

  1. Liz J Says:

    “They are both men of faith”, pardon me while I puke. Is there no law against visiting a murderer and treating him like a special person? Rae hasn’t strayed from his extreme socialist beliefs, he became a Liberal in an attempt to gain power. I shudder to imagine if he were in power, Khadr and his clan would become royalty in Canada, the country they used for birthing and convenience.
    Wish our government would have something to say about this, it’s outrageous to allow a murderous traitor to be painted as an innocent, he was a day shy of his 16th birthday when he killed a US medic.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Martin Says:

    “Both men of faith”?
    That is an extraordinary stupid and insensitive remark to make; Mrs Chris Speer and two fatherless children would beg to differ.
    A photo of Khadr holding 2 severed hands and grinning dementedly made the rounds of the net 4 years ago; probably can still be found. This picture has never, been shown on main media outlets; it is a chilling reminder of how extreme was khadr’s concept of religious faith..

  4. Alain Says:

    This is just too sickening and disgusting for words to describe.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    TuTu gets flown here by Boob Rae trashes our hard working people and phones Omar the murdererof Christopher Speers.
    Both “Men of faith” gag, puke.
    Was TuTu concerned about the air pollution in Joburg resulting from tires (made with petro products) placed around the neck of those you disagreed with and set alight?
    I have that picture of little Omar with the severed hands and feet.

    • Liz J Says:

      Looking at the tributes on the 70th anniversary of D Day and the magnitude of the contribution made by Canadians, it’s even more sickening to have any Canadian talk about a murderer of an allied soldier as a person of faith. Radical Islam, is not a faith, it’s a brutal cult from the stone age. The entire Khadr family are radicals, close friends of the infamous Osama bin Laden, Omar’s mother stated she would be proud to have her son’s martyred for their cause.
      We need to wake up and ensure Khadr doesn’t get a penny from us, they all should have their citizenship revoked and charge them with treason.

  6. Martin Says:

    No foreign mouthpiece when impugning Canadian workers and their families, is too outrageous that liberal reporters will not provide a microphone, and that Bob Rae will not carry his bags..

  7. Bec Says:

    Bob Rae must have a thing about trashing Alberta. He must hate success?

    I remember his cross country adventure during the attempted coo by the coalition of losers and his interviews felt so frosty, cruel plus intensely negative about us here in AB. He hates the ‘OIL SANDS’ I think and I also think he hates that we are the economic engine.

    Ideology does the strangest things to people and as they age, get more advanced and insignificant, perhaps it makes them get dumber about how and why they get some (any?) news coverage?

    This was a bomb and insulting. Bob should stick to retirement and so should Tutu. Both have it appears, disgusting behaviour issues.

    • Liz J Says:

      Bob Rae is probably envious of success, he’s had so little of it in public life. He’s just lucky his dismal record as premier of Ontario has been surpassed by the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals. Ontario is not the place to be right now if it’s jobs you’re seeking so he heads to Alberta which is providing jobs and contributing to Ontario through equalization in an attempt to kill it. No surprise, this is the guy who calls Maurice Strong “Uncle Mo” whose purpose in life is to kill industrialized nations, well all except Chins where he hides out.

  8. Susan Says:


    • Liz J Says:

      He was born here, his family used this country as a birthing place then his father took them back to their “homeland” for terrorist training, a perfect setup. They enjoy all our Trudeau Charter freedoms and it appears he can even fight against us and our our allies, serve time in jail, get out and sue us for millions, which you can be sure his lawyers are poised to do. His family of terrorist sympathizers will get enough money to help fund their terrorist causes for which his mother said she would be happy to have her sons become martyrs for.

      I’m guessing the Trudeau Charter has canceled out something we used to call Treason.

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