Macleans’ Feschuk smears Harper as “rage-prone” – nothing on ex-boss Paul Martin’s well-known temper


As Liberal PM Paul Martin’s former chief speech writer, there’s no way Macleans’ Scott Feschuk doesn’t know about Martin’s notorious temper tirades:

Martin was able to dominate the department through his fiery temper. He was known to have lashed out at aides. (see here)


He also has a reputation for verbally berating underlings who failed to respond to such directives. His staff called the routine incidents “beatings,” and most bore them like badges of honour. But at least one victim subsequently offered to resign. Martin responded in shock. He had no idea how deeply his tantrums caused others to suffer. (see here)

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But of course Feschuk didn’t mention a word about Martin in his sneering column about PM Stephen Harper where he quotes disgruntled Tom Flanagan:

Flanagan goes on to claim that Harper at times falls “into week-long depressions in which he is incapable of making decisions.’’ So basically, he’s Nixon without the charisma, or Hamlet with more hmm.

Not only is there no proof Harper suffers from depression, Feschuk also adds the Nixon comparison for good measure.

Then he quotes criminally charged Bruce Carson who had the RCMP called on him by Harper’s people:

Bruce Carson, a senior aide from 2004 to 2009, said the PM is becoming increasingly isolated and is prone to losing his temper and shouting profanity at underlings.

Yup, no axe to grind there…

And when quoting Gerry Nichols who says he never saw any of this type of behaviour:

Gerry Nicholls—who worked closely with Harper a number of years ago—tried to defend the PM, saying, “Only once did I see him erupt at somebody, and he later told me it was just an act. He was trying to send that person a message.”

Dismisses it as a lie and equates it to racism:

Riiiight—the old “I was totally just kidding about having an inherently volcanic nature” excuse. I believe that’s the “I have a black friend” of temper denial. (see here)

I sent the above quotes and links about Martin to Feschuk and asked him to explain why he omitted it and will update if he replies.



6 Responses to “Macleans’ Feschuk smears Harper as “rage-prone” – nothing on ex-boss Paul Martin’s well-known temper”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Feschuk is a journaloser who couldn’t keep track of all Martin’s priorities

  2. Liz J Says:

    We’ll see more of this sort of crap from such operatives, it’s all they have. They have Trudeau as their front man, call him their leader, when in fact he’s being led by a very weak brain trust. I’m sure even a guy like Warren Kinsella would agree.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    PM Harper bad ?
    Lets look back at Liberal PM’s both Chretain and Pierre Trudeau, who is famous for being Justin’s father BTW.
    Both of these men lost their cool with demonstrators to the point of throttling them.
    Paul Martin as you have said was a spinner.
    Watching the screeching, fingers in the face insulting behavior of Lizzy May at the “debate”, well that PM Harper did not head butt her is just amazing control on his part IMO.
    But hey it’s been at least a week since Junior has had a “bimbo eruption”, Angry Tom is tap dancing through a minefield without missing a single mine.
    What else is a journo-loser to do?
    A “Harper is meany” story.
    You stink Scotty, in a perfect world you would be delivering pizza.

  4. Sean M Says:

    It’s always interesting when Liberal party agents in the media get so desperate that they just start making things up as they go… It’s really all they ever do, invent narratives, conjure “scandal” and of course the old stand by, Harper is a meanie, and “scary”. If it wasn’t so pathetic and corrupt it would be funny. Although, there’s nothing funny about Feschuk, try as he might, he’s just another ineffectual, impotent, desperate Liberal working for a taxpayer subsidized Liberal party mouthpiece.

  5. Frances Says:

    Is it coincidence? The Harpers have been very statesmanlike during the recent overseas visits (Poland especially) which concluded with the D-day commemorations.

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