On party ethics story, Hill Times reporter omits quoted NDP insider was behind fake robocall petition


In this article titled “Tories, Libs trying to knock off their ethical high horse over free partisan mailings: pundits” Hill Times’ Laura Ryckewaert quotes Robin Sears:

Robin Sears, a former NDP strategist and now a principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group, said all parties “play games” with their mailings and “should all take a valium.”

“I just don’t think this is a subject any of them want to have a fight about. It doesn’t mean anything to voters. It makes politicians and politics look bad,” said Mr. Sears.

“Be careful what you wish for when you start playing games with these things, because you end up in a much different place than you expected many times,” he said. (see here)


Sears knows very well what kind of dirty tricks are played in Ottawa as he was behind one of the dirtiest as he organized the phony anti-robocall petition group LeadNow (see here) which Elections Canada condemned in their investigation (see here).


As I showed in the first link, Media Party members like CBC’s Kady O’Malley are fully aware of these activities by Sears but have refused to report on it even when confronted – I’ve asked Ryckewaert if she knew and if not, will be correcting her story to include it.

I’ll update if I hear back from her.



Ontario journalists issue press release attacking Tim Hudak through their union

trudeau unifor dias

Unifor, the union representing journalists and other media workers (see here) has now openly called for its members to not vote for the Ontario PCs:

The union representing journalists and other media workers across Ontario is asking its 2,600 members not to vote for Tim Hudak and his Progressive Conservative Party in Thursday’s provincial election.

In an unprecedented move, Unifor Local 87-M, historically known as the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild, has broken its traditional silence during elections by asking members not to vote Progressive Conservative.

“This is a big deal for us,” said Paul Morse, president of Unifor Local 87-M. “As a media local representing a large number of journalists, we have strict policies against endorsing candidates or contributing financially to election campaigns.”

I’m actually very happy that they’ve fully outed themselves and given me the list of Ontario media outlets covered by this union:

Unifor Local 87-M represents media workers at 35 workplaces, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Hamilton Spectator, Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Waterloo Region Record, Guelph Mercury, Metroland papers, Belleville Intelligencer, Brantford Expositor, Chatham Daily News, Fairway Group, Glengarry News, Hamilton Community News, Korea Times, London Free Press, Macleans Magazine, Metro, Ming Pao, Niagara Falls Review, NOW Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Pembroke Observer, Sarnia Observer, Simcoe Reformer, Sing Tao, St. Catharines Standard, Stratford Beacon Herald and Winchester Press. (see here)

My guess from this press release and other bizarre statements from Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne like when she compared NDP leader Andrea Horwath to Rob Ford is that the Liberal’s internal polling numbers are looking very desperate.



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