Ontario journalists issue press release attacking Tim Hudak through their union

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Unifor, the union representing journalists and other media workers (see here) has now openly called for its members to not vote for the Ontario PCs:

The union representing journalists and other media workers across Ontario is asking its 2,600 members not to vote for Tim Hudak and his Progressive Conservative Party in Thursday’s provincial election.

In an unprecedented move, Unifor Local 87-M, historically known as the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild, has broken its traditional silence during elections by asking members not to vote Progressive Conservative.

“This is a big deal for us,” said Paul Morse, president of Unifor Local 87-M. “As a media local representing a large number of journalists, we have strict policies against endorsing candidates or contributing financially to election campaigns.”

I’m actually very happy that they’ve fully outed themselves and given me the list of Ontario media outlets covered by this union:

Unifor Local 87-M represents media workers at 35 workplaces, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Hamilton Spectator, Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Waterloo Region Record, Guelph Mercury, Metroland papers, Belleville Intelligencer, Brantford Expositor, Chatham Daily News, Fairway Group, Glengarry News, Hamilton Community News, Korea Times, London Free Press, Macleans Magazine, Metro, Ming Pao, Niagara Falls Review, NOW Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Pembroke Observer, Sarnia Observer, Simcoe Reformer, Sing Tao, St. Catharines Standard, Stratford Beacon Herald and Winchester Press. (see here)

My guess from this press release and other bizarre statements from Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne like when she compared NDP leader Andrea Horwath to Rob Ford is that the Liberal’s internal polling numbers are looking very desperate.




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  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    I agree now that the Media have outed themselves and removed all doubt as to their incestous relationship with the Liberano crime family, motto “not just crooked, corrupt”
    Folks that care about our democacy need to tune them out and stop buying their newspapers, and shun any product advertised by them.
    The Liberals have bankrupted Ontario. Full Stop.
    Their plan is more of the same.
    This is a warmup for the Federal election in ’15 with the NDP strip mining every tax payer dollar, engaging in actual election malfeasance.
    With Justins “Bozo eruptions” coming at a faster pace and closer together, media really has their work cut out for them .
    Reminds me of a fellow who though he made the trains run on time, came to a bad end.
    Il Duce pronounced “el Doo-che” ironically enough.
    Il Duce felt like Justin that there was room for only individuals if they agreed with the State ie. Mussolini. (Justin)
    “The Fascist conception of life,” Mussolini wrote, “stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with the State. It is opposed to classical liberalism [which] denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts the rights of the State as expressing the real essence of the individual.”
    It is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Folks.
    to paraphrase;
    They (Liberals) needed what I (We) gave (Them) him and I (We) needed what (They) he gave me.
    Cui Bono

    • Liz J Says:

      Shall we say the union heads are practicing fascism in this current Ontario election? What else can you call using many thousands of dollars from union dues paid for by the working members to tell them who or who not to vote for?

      IMO there show be some injunction to put a stop to this threat to our democratic process called freedom to decide for yourself who to vote for. This looks like the makings of more corruption in Ontario. Have there been some hidden deals made?

  2. Alain Says:

    Aren’t journalists supposed to be objective and neutral? Oh dear, I lost myself for a moment there, since that no longer applies to the cops either.

  3. joannebly Says:

    I believe Unifor also represents BellMedia’s CTV too.

  4. Jen Says:

    At least for you Dean, you don’t have to follow orders. You answer to no one.You research thoroughly whereas the others have to ask permission before writing. A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS FOR JOURNALISTS TO be told what they should and shouldn’t do with their personal preferences.

  5. Joseph Says:

    Or put it this way.
    If Tim Hudak started pleading to liberal voters to “lend us your vote” how would the media portray it? “Agressive campaign” or “campaign in crisis”?
    Waiting for the final polls to come in to get the extent of the bleeding, but the trend has not been going in the liberals favour.

  6. Jen Says:

    Trudeau received thousands of $$$$$$$$ from the Union which comes from the DUES of the public. Which means, that money he has is not ‘free’ . It comes with a huge price tag. The sad part of it is that some of DUES come from those who have no desire of voting or promoting the lpc or Trudeau for that matter but are unable to control the say of how their Dues are being spent and used on.

  7. bocanut Says:

    The Progressive 1%’er hypocrite head of the union is telling his journalosers who not to vote for?
    I guess that blows Barney Fife and Craggy Owliver’s theory about an unbiased press right out of the water.

    • Jen Says:

      Unions may lead the horses to the water but can’t force them to drink. Unions may order its union workers to vote liberals but when time comes to vote, the union worker behind the voting screen, votes according to HIS own choice of political party.

  8. NeilD Says:

    I just cancelled my Toronto Sun subscription. Yes, I know the Sun just endorsed Hudak but the journalist in the union video is a Sun reporter and like I told the woman who noted my reason for cancelling, “You can’t suck and blow at the same time.”.

  9. Martin Says:

    There seems to be a divergence of views between reporters and editorial writers as to which party should be supported in this election. That, or the union is simply expressing an opinion of its own without consultation. That is par for the course these days. Of the list of dailies, the Globe&Mail, Toronto Sun and believe it or not the Ottawa Citizen have come out in favour of Tim Hudak. The columnists at the Citizen have trashed Hudak thoroughly since day 1, yet the editorial page staff support him.
    I suspect many more papers on that list are in a similar position. Interesting to see how much influence any of these have anymore.

    • Liz J Says:

      Really no influence Martin, IMO to have influence over the average voter they’d need to read papers and pay attention to what’s happening beyond their own front door and given the fact the Liberals have gotten away with corruption/scandals and more coming out it’s obvious they have no clue. Toronto will take Ontario over the cliff, finish her off. To use an old Newfoundland saying “the arse is outta ‘er” and the biggest culprit has taken flight, his name is Dalton and Wynne has been singing his praises.

    • Monkey Says:

      I am not totally surprised. Unions do sort of consult by holding votes at their meetings, but only the hardcore leftist ever attend those so I’ve found most unions take positions well to the left of their membership. I am guessing the Liberals will win big amonst those working in the public sector but the PC’s amongst those in the private sector including unionized ones. So far Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star, and Globe and Mail have flipped from endorsing the Liberals in 2011 but PC’s this time, while no paper that endorsed the PC’s in 2011 has endorsed the Liberals this time.

  10. Lorna Draper (@Linkmeister53) Says:

    I have copied and pasted the list of newspapers in this little cadre and have cancelled my subscription, stating very clearly my reasons why. There has to be a line drawn here because what little neutrality is left, has been destroyed.

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