Liberal flyer depicts Hudak walking away laughing as building blows up behind him

wynne del duca

When you look at this doorknocker flyer sent out by Liberal Steven Del Duca, keep in mind that the Wynne’s campaign manager David Herle is same guy who ran Paul Martin’s “guns in our streets” ad:

hudak flyer del duca

And as pointed out to me by Josie Fedele, the background image used by Del Duca is from the movie The Dark Knight of the scene where The Joker blows up a hospital:

And since his website bio states:

Del Duca obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2007 (see here)

Del Duca would know using that copyrighted image was not only disgusting but also illegal.

Update: Del Duca has been running it in the local paper:

del duca

Update: Del Duca has now issued this tweet:

del duca 1



NDP MP yells out “Fuck that!” in House of Commons


NDP MP Jean Rousseau added to the House of Commons decorum with this outburst:

rousseau fuck that

Not that the NDP isn’t used to this kind of potty-mouth from their caucus members (see here).

Calgary mayor Nenshi wants CTF to stop investigating City spending

nenshi redford

When I saw this jaw-dropping tweet from Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, I could only imagine the media firestorm had PM Stephen Harper demanded the Canadian Taxpayers Federation stop applying for Access to Information on his government:

nenshi ctf

The irony meter of this Lefty politician (who never met a taxdollar he didn’t want to spend) berating someone about waste is off the charts.

Will the Alberta and Ottawa media allow Nenshi to get away with trying to bully the CTF into stopping its investigations or just look the other way?


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