Calgary mayor Nenshi wants CTF to stop investigating City spending

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When I saw this jaw-dropping tweet from Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, I could only imagine the media firestorm had PM Stephen Harper demanded the Canadian Taxpayers Federation stop applying for Access to Information on his government:

nenshi ctf

The irony meter of this Lefty politician (who never met a taxdollar he didn’t want to spend) berating someone about waste is off the charts.

Will the Alberta and Ottawa media allow Nenshi to get away with trying to bully the CTF into stopping its investigations or just look the other way?



8 Responses to “Calgary mayor Nenshi wants CTF to stop investigating City spending”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Lame argument from his Purpleness,the request has hit a nerve,keep following the money.

  2. ohboy Says:

    Jaw dropping response from ‘his twittership’
    …but then again probably predictable.

    BTW that cover snap of Allie & Nenshi looks as though they’ve just seen a real live unicorn.

    Ahh…the wonderment of elected children.

  3. tim Says:

    Nenshi can go to hell. And take his flaky four social engineers with him.

  4. Pissedoff Says:

    The Ontario media, including the Sun, have already confirmed their lefty bias through UNIFOR.

  5. Bec Says:

    This man has to be the most arrogant Mayor in the history of this city. It had to be made worse by the lefty loving media giving him an ‘Obama type feet kissing’ after his big mistake win the first go round. His head and attitude appeared to become so much larger, mouthier and bossier after that ticker tape-like moment.

    He is such a his way or the highway type managing all his pet projects and this tweet is just a small example of how he behaves when he doesn’t like something or get his way.

    The CTF needs to keep bugging him because I think when heard often enough, his snitty temper tantrums and control freak methods could be the tool that will start turning people off.
    It can’t come soon enough and when you hear musings that the morale is at an all time low from people that have worked in some capacity down there for 20+ years, look to the top and you may find the reason.

  6. Searle Says:

    Someone tell me how seeking information through the FOIP doesn’t constitute doing research?

  7. Mike Johnston Says:

    I have to live in this city and listen and see that smug face all the time. I have an elderly sister-in-law who lives in Midfield Park which the city is closing after promising to relocate all persons to a new park, but after the election they went back on their word.
    There are older folks who are now starting to have medical problems due to the stress as to what is going to happen to them and I don’t like what could happen and it is on the back of Nenshi and his band of idiots.
    It’s just a matter of time before we read of a new high priced Condo and housing development on that site and also the old RCMP site next door.

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