NDP MP yells out “Fuck that!” in House of Commons


NDP MP Jean Rousseau added to the House of Commons decorum with this outburst:

rousseau fuck that

Not that the NDP isn’t used to this kind of potty-mouth from their caucus members (see here).


6 Responses to “NDP MP yells out “Fuck that!” in House of Commons”

  1. Searle Says:

    Surely Rousseau was misheard…isn’t fuddle-duddle the acceptable term?

  2. Jen Says:

    NDP are supporter of the unions and the unions support the NDP. That means, all unionized reporters are to keep their opinions of what was said by Jean Rousseau in the HOC, to themselves. The NDP know that very well. But not you Dean, you are ‘free’ to report the real story.
    BTW, did you get a response from the Hill Times reporter for omitting…..

  3. Roger Says:

    Svend Robinson had lowered the Bar when he made a fool of himself in the House , then being pro-Hamas, and finally his theft of a $60’000.00 wedding ring that he denied for 3 days that was topped off with him faking his Mental Health issue and claiming that all the homophobia in Canada made him Snap .
    Jack Layton’s misogyny to support a Massage Parlour staffed by victims of the Human Trafficking Industry was given a pass by the CBC and Liberal MSM while Olivia kept singing “Stand By Your Man” to keep her position at the Public Trough thanks to Jack’s NDPer’s with selective moral outrage.

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