Postmedia reporter goes from dumpster-diver to grave-digger by combing thru Jim Flaherty’s will

mcgregor 1

The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor has hit absolutely rock bottom in ethical journalism with this garbage piece on what assets Jim Flaherty left behind to his family after he died:

Despite earning a high salary in cabinet, former finance minister Jim Flaherty had a comparatively modest net worth when he died in April, court documents show.

Probate records filed in court in Oshawa, Ont. in early May, a month after Flaherty died of a heart attack, list the total value of his assets at $989,045.

These do not include real estate he co-owned with his wife, Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Elliott, or any life insurance or shared pension benefits payable to her.

When Flaherty resigned as finance minister, a post that paid $242,000 annually, many speculated that his ongoing health issues with a chronic skin condition were the motivation for leaving a job he’d held since 2006. (see here)


This also proves his bosses at Postmedia have the exact same ethical standards for allowing him to snoop through and then write about Jim Flaherty’s will.

Let them know how you feel about this kind of grave-digging journalism:

The National Post’s contact page can be found here

The Ottawa Citizen’s contact page can be found here

Postmedia’s senior management contacts can be found here



Liberal campaign workers pose in front of replica of $1billion wasted in gas plant scandal


This photo is from a Liberal campaign event featuring Kathleen Wynne in which Antony Niro brought his “Your Billion” display:

your billion liberals

Think about the mindset of someone who takes a picture of themselves smiling in front of what represents a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money blown (by the party you support) for pure partisan reasons and which the Ontario Police are criminally investigating.

And before these Liberal thought it hilarious to take pictures, a unionized firefighter intentionally parked his truck to block it from view:

your billion firefighteryour billion firefighter 1

These photos are from Sun News Paige MacPherson who also confronted the fire fighter.

Liberals have no shame.


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