Postmedia reporter goes from dumpster-diver to grave-digger by combing thru Jim Flaherty’s will

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The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor has hit absolutely rock bottom in ethical journalism with this garbage piece on what assets Jim Flaherty left behind to his family after he died:

Despite earning a high salary in cabinet, former finance minister Jim Flaherty had a comparatively modest net worth when he died in April, court documents show.

Probate records filed in court in Oshawa, Ont. in early May, a month after Flaherty died of a heart attack, list the total value of his assets at $989,045.

These do not include real estate he co-owned with his wife, Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Elliott, or any life insurance or shared pension benefits payable to her.

When Flaherty resigned as finance minister, a post that paid $242,000 annually, many speculated that his ongoing health issues with a chronic skin condition were the motivation for leaving a job he’d held since 2006. (see here)


This also proves his bosses at Postmedia have the exact same ethical standards for allowing him to snoop through and then write about Jim Flaherty’s will.

Let them know how you feel about this kind of grave-digging journalism:

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15 Responses to “Postmedia reporter goes from dumpster-diver to grave-digger by combing thru Jim Flaherty’s will”

  1. bocanut Says:

    This journaloser is lower than a rattlesnake’s belly in a trench.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    This is news why?
    The man is dead, a little respect Mr McGregor would be in order.

  3. SandyS. Says:

    Maybe he thought there would be a little something for a robo call company or something, you know keep the old faux scandals going. Too bad for McGregor he has to go digging around in will’s hoping to find some dirt. I notice that they don’t have a comment section now – wonder why.

  4. Liz J Says:

    This is crap journalism, it’s the height of indecency and morally reprehensible and for what exactly? Who needs this information when a decent man who happened to serve us in politics has recently died?
    It’s so far out of order this jerk should be fired and those papers sued by the family. I’m sickened by this one.

  5. Pissedoff Says:

    Just more garbage from the know nothing super sleuth.

  6. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    Why is this in the news?

  7. Conservative Land Slide Says:

    Funny how they didn’t do this to Jack Layton…possible expense claims to a body rub…errr…I mean physio therapy clinic

    • Jen Says:

      They couldn’t go after Jack Layton because he, Dion(lib) and Duceppe(bloc), all signed s coalition agreement. therefore, the media has to regard these parties with respect or else,…

  8. Guffman Says:


    Dear Editor,

    I wanted to let you know just how sickened I was, and I assume many readers were, by Glen McGregor’s June 11th gossip column in the National Post, in which he actually went through Jim Flaherty’s final will, letting readers know how much money and assets he and his family had after his recent death. I’m sure Jim Flaherty’s family members were aghast and angered with your paper posting such a column. Why is this newsworthy to the public?

    I find it shameful, not only that one of your journalists would submit this for a story, but that you would actually approve of this and send it to print. This truly showcases what has gone wrong with mainstream media. You’ve become nothing more than gossip mongers of the lowest order.

    I have come to the National Post’s (and Ottawa Citizen’s) pages ever more rarely in the past few years, as what passes for journalism these days has turned into the kind of tripe that Glen McGregor has churned out here, and also fills your pages with an increasing frequency. After submitting a “news” story like that – and if your organization had any shred of integrity left – I don’t know how you could keep McGregor in your employ.

    If your bar is not raised substantially, and quickly, it won’t be at all surprising to finally see this once good source of news and information, disappear completely due to such incredibly LOW standards.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Great stuff!

      • Hans Says:

        Does anyone really read this Media Party shill Glen McGregor for ‘shuckin and jivin’ the taxpayers wallet?

        Jim Flaherty should rise briefly from the dead, to give McGregor a slap upside the head with a grave digger’s shovel, given the contents of his last column dated June 11. That would probably improve his demeanor measurably.

        Thank’s to the National Post/Ottawa Citizen for airing what can only be considered a ‘breathlessly stupid’ article as no salient information relevant beyond the immediate family is given; that has any bearing to the populace at large.

        Obviously, this dirt digger beyond the grave was trolling for some indication, that Jim Flaherty was something less than a man of character.

        So will the National Post/Ottawa Citizen now issue a statement that Jim Flaherty left all his earthly possessions to his family whom he loved?

        The salutation “Rest In Peace” does have some meaning for most Canadians; evidently Glen McGregor is incapable of such sentiment.


        Hans Rupprecht Commander in Chief

        Frankenstein Battalion
        Knecht Rupprecht Division
        Hans Corps
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army
        Army Group “True North”

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. Lore White Says:

    How disgusting. I have yet to see a picture of him without a drink in his hand, He needs to retire or be forced to retire. The man has no morals.

  11. Clary Says:

    Why do people read Postmedia papers. They have sucked since Conrad Black had to get rid of them. Cancel your subscriptions. Please.

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