CBC’s Peter Mansbridge equates Canada’s government to China and North Korea


In a speech at the “International Anti-Corruption Conference” (sponsored by the CBC), The Nation’s Peter Mansbridge goes full-idiot comparing government secrecy in Canada to two dictatorships:

That headline, he said, was not about blocked access to public information in countries notorious for their secrecy, but about his own country.

“Not China. Not North Korea. Canada,” he said.

And repulsively uses the war dead  to attack the Conservatives on behalf of journalists:

Mansbridge made his remarks exactly one week after the 70th anniversary of D-Day, where thousands of soldiers died on the beaches of northern France in World War 2 and ultimately leading to the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany. “They died for freedom and one of the pillars of freedom is openness. It’s a free and open media. A media that doesn’t accept. A media that pushes for freedom, for openness,” he told the 320 delegates from 15 countries.

Public institutions cloaked in secrecy, which keep public information in the dark, “is not what those guys died for on those beaches,” he said.

And while Mansbridge hides his huge salary and expenses (see here), whines about cut-backs:

“My company, my corporation, the CBC, the public broadcaster who has a mandated interest in investigative journalism. Who boasts that we have more investigative journalists that any media organization. This is where we’re cutting back?” he asked.

“We should be investing more in these programs. Not cutting them. (see here)

Notice he doesn’t offer to take a pay0cut in order to keep these reporters employed.

This takes a special kind of hypocrite – wonder if Mansbridge charged for this speech?




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