CBC’s Peter Mansbridge equates Canada’s government to China and North Korea


In a speech at the “International Anti-Corruption Conference” (sponsored by the CBC), The Nation’s Peter Mansbridge goes full-idiot comparing government secrecy in Canada to two dictatorships:

That headline, he said, was not about blocked access to public information in countries notorious for their secrecy, but about his own country.

“Not China. Not North Korea. Canada,” he said.

And repulsively uses the war dead  to attack the Conservatives on behalf of journalists:

Mansbridge made his remarks exactly one week after the 70th anniversary of D-Day, where thousands of soldiers died on the beaches of northern France in World War 2 and ultimately leading to the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany. “They died for freedom and one of the pillars of freedom is openness. It’s a free and open media. A media that doesn’t accept. A media that pushes for freedom, for openness,” he told the 320 delegates from 15 countries.

Public institutions cloaked in secrecy, which keep public information in the dark, “is not what those guys died for on those beaches,” he said.

And while Mansbridge hides his huge salary and expenses (see here), whines about cut-backs:

“My company, my corporation, the CBC, the public broadcaster who has a mandated interest in investigative journalism. Who boasts that we have more investigative journalists that any media organization. This is where we’re cutting back?” he asked.

“We should be investing more in these programs. Not cutting them. (see here)

Notice he doesn’t offer to take a pay0cut in order to keep these reporters employed.

This takes a special kind of hypocrite – wonder if Mansbridge charged for this speech?





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  1. bocanut Says:

    Someone should ask him why his beloved CBC refuses to comply with the hundreds of Freedom of information requests.
    Just another Progressive 1% “do as I say not as I do” journaloser

  2. Liz J Says:

    Shame, shame on this simple news reader, who thinks he’s a star. He’s a hypocrite of the highest order to be talking about secrecy when we who pay his salary are not allowed to know the amount we pay him. Does he actually think he alone owns the CBC?
    There are many good reasons why governments cannot divulge information, safety being one of them but there’s no reason why we can’t know how much we pay him to slag the government corporation he works for. Hopefully the PM hears this and not only cuts their budget but put a for sale sign on it. Let Mansbridge and his CBC Conservative bashing whiners try and find a job that pays anything close to the salaries they’re ashamed to divulge in the open market.
    Never watch the ass, don’t know anyone who does in my circle, his ratings are another secret we cannot find out.

  3. Searle Says:

    Thanks for letting us in on this…as one who NEVER watches or listens to CBC I’d have never known! The sooner the CBC becomes PBS (Canada) the better!

  4. Billy Says:


    Mansbridge should man up and tell all of us taxpayers what the ASSHAT costs us every year for his salary, benefits and perks!

  5. Alain Says:

    The CBC sponsored an “International Anti-Corruption Conference”; surely someone must have thought it was April 1. What’s next, the Ontario Liberals sponsoring another “Anti-Corruption Conference”? As for the ramblings of poor old Mansbridge, he should be reminded that were this China or North Korea, or many more countries, he would not have the freedom to spout such rubbish.

  6. Gail Dyer Says:

    Billy – You have that correct. 64% of CBC revenue comes from taxpayers. We have every right to know how our money is being spent and that includes salaries.

  7. Stan Says:

    All those investigative reporters, and none of them could count Teresa Spence’s chins…

  8. Guffman Says:

    Yet another reminder why I stopped watching and listening to the CBC long ago. As most others have mentioned, you have to really laugh at the hypocrisy of demanding more freedom and access to information when Mansbridge’s own mother corp is the biggest keeper of secrets and obfuscation there is.
    Physician, heal thyself.

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well, well Peter Manbridge has wandered off his script and like Junior Trudeau he is barkin’ out of his fundement.
    How much does the Star of CBC get to read the news anyway?
    But I digress, Mandsbridge who does not get air time in my home unless the PM is sitting next to him.
    I well remember PM harper being haraunged by Mandsbridge after the coup attempt orchestrated by Velvet Jack. Pete seemed to think PM Harper had done something “Wrong” by taking away the vote subsidy.
    Never mind that Jack Layton had run a full slate of traffick cones in Quebec to try for a little extra taxpayer moolah.
    My point here is tha Jean Chretain cut very deep at CBC some 33%.

    This was posted on May 1, 2013 by Jen on Blue Like You. thanks Jen!

    A quote from Jean Chretain
    “A Liberal government will be committed to stable, multiyear financing for national cultural institutions such as the Canada Council and the CBC”.

    “After winning a majority government in 1993, the Liberals went to work on the CBC. During the next four years CBC’s budget was cut faster and deeper than any most other departments or agencies of government. When the dust had settled by 1997, CBC funding had been cut by more than $400 million – or about 33%. The Liberals’ post-election cuts to CBC even exceeded the Reform Party’s 1993 campaign promise to cut $365 million from CBC.”

    “There will not be a promise that I make in the campaign that I will not keep.”
    Jean Chrétien, September 10, 1993

    Of course it is not a cut when a Liberal does it, or fraud when a Liberal does it , or corruption when a Liberal does it, investigative journolists at the CBC just can’t find that.
    But let a Conservative jaywalk Pete does a “special”with “experts” “sources”.
    Remember him counting the days of Chief Spences “hunger strike”?
    Perhaps Peter Mandsbridge and the CBC “Investigative Journalists” could get right on that, or a slow boat to China, I don’t care which.
    My Dad and Uncles went overseas, landed at Dieppe, and Normandy fought and served for nearly 5 years.
    They came back , not quite the same after what they had seen and done but they raised familys, built homes and got on with it.
    Peter Mandsbridge should keep his priveleged, mewling little mouth off those men, he has not 1% of their stature IMO
    Apoligies for a long post CBC pisses me off big time.

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    Mansbridge politicking against the Conservative Govt. in his lead up role toward the 2015 election. He’s planting the seeds early to keep hammering home to anyone who listens to him …vote LIBERAL. No secrecy there. The Conservative govt. has answered MORE access to information requests then any Govt. before them…most likely no Govt. before them had the media digging for dirt in packs like rats, when it was Cretien and Martin, but the CBC 4th estate spent billions tracking down dirt on Mulrony..HOW MUCH DID CBC SPEND Mansbridge? Inquiring minds want to know. What a pathetic, self important(in his own mind) weasel Liberal HACK Mansbridge is. I NEVER watch CBC…can’t STAND the guy along with Solomon.
    Bubba…love your comments..you nailed it!!! I hate CBC too and hope to see the day they are in the gutter in rags instead of taxpayer funded SUITS!

  11. Jen Says:

    BB, did you hear what Australian PM Abbot said on camera in a joint press conference with the PM Harper. ” The PM (Harper) may not be recognized here(Canada) but he is recorginzed by other world leaders…”
    Those world leaders KNOW the BS reporters like Manbridge is all about. PHONEY..
    North Korean reporters would not make the slightest ‘sigh’ against their government or else they either will be thrown into prison or dspose off and along with their family. the same goes for the Chinese reporters.

  12. Jen Says:

    If only those delegates only knew that POOR MANSBRIDGE makes millions of dollars just to talk tripe and that the company he considers his, IS PAID FOR BY THE ALL CANADIANS.

  13. Mary Hines Says:

    Peter Mansbridge is such a “fake”. He complains about the Harper Government and the CBC is fighting in court to keep all their salaries secret. What a joke… He travels around the world on our “dime” – stays at the biggest and best hotels…. I would like to know what he pays for his “orange juice”…… He is so anti Harper – he makes me sick to even watch him and Evan Solomon does not permit his guests to finish their sentence if they are positive towards the Harper Government. He now stacks his panel with 4 liberals and 1 conservative so he only has to interrupt one panel member. The rest are liberals and he knows will bash the Government. What a farce the CBC has become!

  14. Jen Says:

    As BB brought up the story of the drastic cuts to CBC by Jean Chretien and rarely any complaints of that from Mansbridge during the suppose conference. Yet he goes ballistic ranting of the CPC slight cuts to CBC, tells me, that Peter Mansbridge WANTS the CPC do the same as Jean CHRETIEN’S.

  15. Ontario Girl Says:

    OT/ but sickening. Today Hilary Clinton is in Toronto(Liberal land) pushing a book with the new Toronto provincial premier WYNNE in attendance. Get this crock of crap…Hilary’s words on the Ontario Election campaign that Wynne and the Liberals ran…” POSITIVE, AGENDA, DRIVEN campaign on her part” says Hilary…OMG…it was TOTALLY the OPPOSITE….all NEGATIVE and NOTHING about any AGENDA DRIVEN other then avoiding talking about their CORRUPTION!!!!!!

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