BC First Nation Grand Chief calls for “war” over pipeline decision

phillip anderson

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip had this to say at a rally immediately after the federal government announced approval for the Northern Gateway pipeline:

“It’s official. The war is on,” Mr. Phillip told the crowd, rallying them to a path of protest ahead against the $7.9-billion pipeline between the Alberta oil sands and the B.C. coast. (see here)

Is there a criminal code for inciting violence?

I did find this under Section 21 of the Criminal Code:

Parties to Offence

(1) Every one is a party to an offence who

(a) actually commits it

(b) does or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit it; or

(c) abets any person in committing it (see here)


23 Responses to “BC First Nation Grand Chief calls for “war” over pipeline decision”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Now that Canada has been threatened with armed conflict Canadians should cut off all transfer payments to those who declared war.

  2. Liz J Says:

    It’s about time the rest of the country calls war on the Indians opposing something that contributes to their welfare from government handouts. We’ve had about enough of their games, this is the year 2014 not the turn of the 19th century.
    I say STFU and get to work, stop interfering with the economy of the country, basically the hand that feeds you, houses you.

    It’s time for our government to delve into the source of funds coming here from the US to fight this project as well as charge Indian troublemakers.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    se·di·tion [si-dish-uhn] Show IPA
    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.


    What he is saying is the very definition of sedition. He should be arrested. Now.

    But he won’t be. The government doesn’t have the stomach to enforce this law.

  4. Alain Says:

    I seriously doubt that the law against inciting violence will be enforced. What I am waiting to see is whether the authorities will finally enforce the rule of law when illegal action takes place. It has not happened yet when it involves Indians or even eco-fascists. Unless the rule of law is enforced, the decision announced remains meaningless.

    • Angus Says:

      I hope the cops in Alberta and B.C. have more guts that the OPP in Ontario.

      • Alain Says:

        In BC and Alberta it is the RCMP. You may recall the ones who made the news in High River, Alberta.

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    “There will be the need to go out onto the land and onto the waters and physically stop any effort on the part of Enbridge to do preparatory work, site preparation, surveying while this matter is in the courts,” said Mr. Phillip.

    Hmmm. And what does that entail EXACTLY?

    “Some of us here are going to jail because that’s what it’s going to take.”


    • Liz J Says:

      What is done about them, even if they do go to jail who pays their fines? What kind of punishment can be meted out to a people who claim they own the land we’ve developed through the great hardships of our ancestors? If the white man hadn’t developed the land and formed a country it’s unlikely the “Natives” would have survived as a people. We were not perfect, some things were not up to par in the early years but that could be said for all of our pioneers.

  6. Beachdude Says:

    This gentleman’s response should not be of any surprise, that ilk will never be satisfied with the pipeline…I did get quite a surprise from Martha Hall Finley’s article in today’s Globe….she is for it and describes it as nation building…wonder what little Justin has to say about this stance?

  7. Jen Says:

    The revenues that comes from the sale of Alberta’s oil to market feeds the greed of the Aboriginals. Once that sale is stop and no oil is sold, Aboriginals loses everything, and not only that, the cost of OPEC oil into Canada will rise because the competition is not there anymore.

  8. Jen Says:

    I know is way off topic: you will be surprised yet not surprise of what you read:

    Paul Martin’s Ottawa

    Paul Martin’s Ottawa



    • bocanut Says:

      Kinsella was more of the court jester in Chretien’s government rather than the major player he constantly reminds the one person that still cares,and he’s made her a partner in his business.

  9. Sean M Says:

    This radical is calling for war and clearly should be arrested for sedition or treason. The media out here in BC are cheering on this idiot… while they try and blame “Harper”… All I can say to this Indian fool is, be careful what you wish for. “Some of us are going to jail”, lets hope this nutcase is the first one in a cell.

  10. Peter Says:

    So the sale of our natural resources (oil) and the work provided to Canadians as a whole and the royalties to be shared by all Canadians over many many years is a “short term blip” to quote Grand Chief Stewart Phillips, as far as jobs and the economy of Canada is concerned, speaks volumes of how our reporters accept weak arguments of opponents and parrot them to Canadians as if there is some substance to them.
    Why don’t reporters ask the question where would Newfoundland be today if they didn’t go ahead with their oil drilling in the Atlantic ocean? What are the dire consequences to the environment?
    The Grand Chief also said he is concerned about the “devastating impact it will have on the economy in terms of commercial and recreational sports fisheries and all forms of agriculture along the coast”. Is he telling Canadians, through the media, this has happened in Newfoundland?
    What does the Grand Chief know that the media, Newfoundlanders, and Canadians don’t know or haven’t been told?

  11. Steve o Says:

    I think the first thing we all should realize is the fact that their is NO SUCH THING AS FIRST NATIONS. This is a Liberal ploy to give everything the different native bands in Canada do credibility. It must be realized that most native bands were 150 or less members, they killed each other over any perceived wrong doing and were vicious warriors. As long as we live under this distorted version of what our native people are we will never be able to reason or make any credible head way. The only person who seems to be working to help the native bands is Chief Clarence Lee , he is a business man who has strong work ethics and a drive to help his people succeed.Check out his bio. it is very interesting reading. This is the type of person we and the native population should be looking at for guidance and positive input to this and other situations…. Steve O

    • Sean M Says:

      You’re right, the whole “First nations” narrative is a crock… Cultural Marxism at it’s ugliest…. I’ve never understood why people accept Government imposed racial preference as valid… it’s about as racist as it gets. Although the media and foreign interests love using Indians as a trump card because Indians are “first nations” which relegates the rest of us to a second class status… It’s a useful tool I guess…Either we’re all Canadians or we’re not.

  12. burton Says:

    “I know people in my family who voted for Harper …” – Yeah, ok, whatever you say Skippy. Like that’d ever happen.

    BTW…Would that be U.N. Human Rights Council gadfly and Anti -Semite, Richard Falk in the foreground?
    Probably a stock photo…but seeing his mug makes me wanna…well, let’s just leave it at that.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    No one is asking Mr. Phillips to go to work, but maybe the littler Indians want to. Its an 8 billion dollar project, with tens of billions flowing into the coffers of all government once this whole country gets its act together. If the Left and others kill this project or makes it prohibitively expensive, we must cut back ALL government expenditures because we are living beyond our means.

  14. Exiled Maritimer Says:

    We accept your declaration of war. Our peace treaty offering is Canadian citizenship with no special status. No money and no recognition of territorial ownership. Until then forget about funding, you declared the war.

  15. Jen Says:

    Foreigners who are showering the Canadian Aboriginals and protesters with billions of dollars to shut their the own country Canada’s economy must be high fiving with each other that a bunch of Canadians can be so gullibly stupid not to figure out these foreigners scheme.

  16. Bubba Brown Says:

    Yup nothing says “War” like driving my beemer down town to the protest.
    Chief Wanker

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