Prince of Pot’s wife set to run as Liberal candidate

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The Liberals are apparently calling Jodie Emery a “secret weapon” as they recruit her to run for them as a candidate in Vancouver East (see here) but in reality, Emery is the perfect weapon for the Conservatives.

Jodie Emery’s husband Marc (who is currently finishing off his jail sentence in the US) was videoed calling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau a “fucking hypocrite” after saying Trudeau had smoked weed with him:

Trudeau then said in the media that Emery was “flat out lying” so I asked Jodie about Marc being called a liar and she confirmed to me that Trudeau had indeed smoked weed with her husband (see here).

So besides that making for a couple great Conservative attack ads, Jodie Emery has also been photographed by the media protesting Remembrance Day (see here):


War veterans will love the Liberals running someone who mocks our flag right?




5 Responses to “Prince of Pot’s wife set to run as Liberal candidate”

  1. Sean M Says:

    I’ve seen Jodie Emery speak before and she seems like a modestly intelligent person, although kinda spaced out at the same time. Thats why it’s weird that she would hook her weed wagon to a blathering idiot like Trubozo, makes me wonder what incentives she was promised by the little dictator wanna be… free weed maybe, or perhaps a job with Trubozo’s weed growing pals. Either way, Trubozo sure likes to surround himself with the radical fringe.

  2. bocanut Says:

    3 attention whores competing for media time,it should be fun

  3. Martin Says:

    Must be quite the riding if the choice is between Libby Davies and this woman. Actually she hasn’t been nominated yet, didn’t Jr say something about not imposing candidates on local riding associations?

  4. Jen Says:

    Question is, will the veterans come out to denounce such a flag their comrades did not die for?

  5. CBC story on Marc Emery and Justin Trudeau smoking weed together omits big details | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Also: See earlier post on Jodie Emery stating she will run as a candidate for the Liberals here […]

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