A way for you to support one of Canada’s natural industries

canada action

Canada Action (love the name) is a group trying to counter the massive anti-oil sands protest industry.

Their latest campaign is an online pledge you can sign:

After a nine year process which included thousands of participants, hundreds of thousands of pages of testimony, exhaustive consultation and hundreds of millions of dollars, an independent panel found that the Northern Gateway Pipeline is in Canada’s best interests.

Canada deserves full value for our resources. The market access that the Northern Gateway Pipeline provides will bring Canada’s resources to the global market, diversifying our trade, and ensuring that we realize the full potential of our resources to create jobs and to help pay for all of our social services like schools and hospitals.

Sign our pledge and stand with science, stand with Canada’s world class regulatory review system and stand up for full value for Canadian resources! (see here)

I certainly support anything that helps take the power out of the hands of these foreign-funded front groups and their Media Party allies.


4 Responses to “A way for you to support one of Canada’s natural industries”

  1. Jen Says:

    Promoting and supporting your nation resources is ‘pride.’ demoting and denying and accepting foreign money to shut down your resources is a ‘threat’ to Canada’s growth and economy. OPEC oil to bcers will skyrocket if we shut down oil production sales.

    • tim Says:

      I think you’re bang-on in your assessment-for those of us who think straight. For Progressives,though, who all seem to suffer cranio-rectal inversion, developing resources as a solid source of revenue for their social experiments is a non starter. I’ll never understand what drives these people to such idiotic destructive ideology.

  2. Sean M Says:

    Signed it… time to fight back against those that hate Canada.

  3. Alain Says:

    Signed it also with the comment that I hope the government will finally enforce the rule of law when any of these foreign funded eco-radicals break the law.

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